Posting here  some of the things people have written/said via e-mail or in conversation about my work, with many other compliments and encouraging words in the comment section of my blog……

“Your work is stunning and moving…”  Tom Wayman, Poet, Novelist, Canada. In 1971 Tom was Poetry Editor of the Colorado Review, publishing my very first in print poem, New Mexico Territory.  His magnificent collection of elegies to his family was short-listed for Canada’s highest literary award, The Governor General’s Award and he is co-founder of the infamous Kootenay School of Writing in addition to many, many other wondrous things!

“Brilliant and moving…” among many constructive comments, hand-holdings and pats on the back, Jack Douglas McArthur Brooks, Novelist, Teacher, Companion.

“My Sister…the pen and the tongue…” wisecracking and fabulous painter. Stuart C. Andrews– My Brother–

“I am crying with the beauty of your poems.”  Andrea Cooper, Ph.D., The Trudeau Institute. Dr. Cooper lived with me on Dry Creek before taking a research position at Trudeau.

“You write like an angel.”  The Seneca Review, upon acceptance of “Exultations in Late Summer” (Reunion).

“Beautiful work, Jenne’,Maxine Kumin, Poet, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and former Poet in Residence, Library of Congress. Prof. Kumin and I corresponded for about ten years.

“The most valuable thing to me about these poems is their ability to look at pain and see it, “Robert Bly, cover copy, In Pursuit of the Family.

“Jenne’ Andrews writes a poetry of intensity that has both delicacy and power.”  Thomas McGrath, Letter to an Imaginary Friend, book cover, Reunion, Lynx House Press 1983.  McGrath was viewed as the Whitman of his generation by many.

“Terrific…we’re doing all we can to get you here,” Thomas Lux, Poet,  in 1982, then directing the M.F.A. at Sarah Lawrence.

“I wanted to tell you that I have taught Reunion many times over the years; it’s a wonderful book to teach.” Poet, Editor, Publisher Christopher Howell, Lynx House Press.

“You are such a wonderful lyric poet!”  Maureen Doallas, Poet, Blogger, Editor, Writing Without Paper. See the four-part interview Maureen did with me on her blog in July 2010!  An excerpt:

MDWhat’s the most satisfying thing about being a poet?
JRA: Singing. Losing oneself in language, surrendering to song, imagery, the line, the heart, the line informed by the heart and tempered by the mind. . . spilling your guts and making it pretty, but not too pretty.
MDWhat would you most like your readers to know about you?
JRA: That when I write, I am committed to what [Virginia] Woolfcalls the unburdening of one’s meaning—that I give myself completely to a given piece of writing and never write with diffidence or as an exercise.


The Kudos Continue….

“In the kitchen, where so many of these poems begin, the lessons of bread and yeast reach out from their place in the woman’s room and touch us all in the various rooms of this large, migratory family house.”  Patricia Hampl, The Florist’s Daughter, Foreword, In Pursuit of the Family, Jenne’ Andrews, 1974.

“Jenne’ Andrews is a fabulous poet and we would be lucky to have her among us,” Dr. Madelon Sprengnether, Crying at the Movies, Graywolf Press.

“Beautiful!” the absent-minded Bill Tremblay,  Rain Over the Alphabet, Lynx House Press,  after the oral exam for the Colorado State MFA.

“Andrews is terrific,”  Prof. Ray Gonzalez, Poet, University of Minnesota, former editor, The Bloomsbury Review.

“Strong…gifted, stunning…” the absent-minded Mary Crow, former Poet Laureate of Colorado, thesis advisor.

“You are incorrigible,” Dr. Patsy Boyer, Professor of Spanish, Latin American poetry translator.

“Your work is gorgeous,”  Elizabeth Elliott, founder, Opera Fort Collins.

“Great stuff….” Lyle Daggett, The First Light Touches Me, Red Dragonfly Press. See Lyle’s interview with me on his blog.

“You are the next Edna St. Vincent Millay,” Robert Sage, Headmaster retired, Trillium Girls’ School, Massachusetts.

“I’m so proud of you, Jenny (sic),” ex Dr. Stephen Hartgen, former owner/publisher, Twin Falls Times-News.

“She really has it, doesn’t she,” Winifred Stamm Reiter, editor, Alumnus, University of New Mexico– my aunt.

“Jen–thank you for this gorgeous poem,” Holley Hening Junker, Quilter, my cousin.

“Oh, thank you, honey.  These poems are beautiful.”  Dr. Stuart Robinson Andrews, my father.

“The word ‘lambent’ is trite,” my mother, New Mexico painter Helen Stamm Andrews, grand daughter of Bernard S. Rodey, “the Father of UNM”– something she never let us forget.

1 thought on “Kudos”

  1. I very much agree with your point of view on the Anthony Case. The one thing I pointed out, you did mention about the heart on the duct tape; I thought that was disproven as well. I just listened to commentary about the jailhouse letters, where it was stated by an anchor they might have felt more if she mentioned her child; which she did but they left it out. I am amazed and shocked.. And I also think a possible COD of being left in a car is very possible.

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