This Just In.

Like many, if not most of you, I am completely disgusted and even at times enraged at the Republican members of the Senate who nearly to a man and a woman, have demonstrated that they are willing to lie to save criminal Donald Trump and themselves from accountability. This became evident as his attorneys began a non-argument yesterday in the Impeachment trial.

We expect the unwashed riff raff calling itself “MAGA” i.e. #MAGA , to be quite at home with conspiracy theories such as the one the criminal thug in the White House himself believes: that all problems stem from the Ukraine, Hillary Clinton and the absurd trope that Progressives have had it in for Trump from the beginning.

For the record, true patriots have had every reason to despise him and want him gone since his insane Muslim ban.

But those Senators we rely on to terminate a corrupt presidency? A hung over Lindsey Graham recently stated on national television that Progressives “want to tear (Trump) apart,” as an end in itself, without any reason for us to be on the edge of the cliff, at wits’ end..

This is in fact the witless opinion of someone whose moral compass John McCain has died, leaving him to become one of the house lushes in the Trump Hotel in Washington. You can see that he drinks himself to sleep every night and has sold his soul to the devil. Yet he is the head of the Senate Judiciary.

The crimes I am speaking of are not only the referenced lies and protection of Trump as victim, but that America has come by, through nefarious means, i.e., Russian election interference, a misbegotten and callow dog-faced dirtball for a president who will stop at nothing to remain in power.

It is criminally negligent on the part of the Senate is to refuse to hold Trump accountable, and to demonize Adam Schiff for having the courage to do that very thing.

Yet last night Trump tweeted that Schiff “has yet to pay for what he has done to our country.”

What is this, but a dog whistle to someone, anyone, to take Schiff out.

Trump’s forte is to blame others for his own sins, his own corrupt behavior. Today it also emerges in the NYT that John Bolton has stated that Trump intended to withhold the aid package from Ukraine indefinitely, until he got what he wanted, “investigations of the Bidens and Democrats.”

Another smoking gun despite Trump’s assertion that his “transcript” shows a “perfect call.”.

Schiff and the other Impeachment Managers have had the guts and grit to confront Trump, to call him what he is: someone who wants unlimited power and who takes his cues from dictators and his belief a. that he has such a mandate under Article 2 of the Constitution per his paranoid toady of an Attorney General, and b. the “mandate of heaven” from the most delusional members of our society: Evangelical Christians, who see Jesus in every potato chip but who are strangers to a Jesus who hated tyranny.

There is absolutely no point in trying to reason with Republicans, in hoping against hope that anyone in the Senate will ultimately vote to hear from Bolton, Pompeo, Mulvaney, and Parnas.

Nor will there be upholding of the Constitution in voting to convict and remove our erstwhile POS Pres. Yet, also yesterday Parnas released a video of Trump saying “Take her out,” in re the former Ukrainian Ambassador, and previously, text messages revealing a plot within the “scheme” between one dirt ball named Hyde, also a lush, and a Parnas associate to surveill and find someone to do Marie Yovanovitch in. In that same tape Trump asks, “How long can Ukraine last against Russia without our help?” This tape dates to August 2018. In effect, it is the birth date of “the scheme.”

Here, then, is another smoking gun that will be immediately be discredited by Republicans’ shameless tap dance of distortions, evasions, distractions and further lies.

The truth, the facts in all of this, are not that slippery. Trump shook down a vulnerable new president of a vulnerable nation striving to institute a democracy, attempting to extort the aforementioned investigations in exchange for release of the aid package needed to fight back Putin’s incursions into Crimea and other areas of Ukraine. He doesn’t care that Ukrainians on the front lines of a hot war died waiting for that aid. He is not a statesman; he has no nobility or integrity whatsoever. He wins by playing dirty because he is dirty and his forte’ is to blame everyone for his own sins.

Does anyone believe that Trump’s people believe their own bullshit?

The Republicans have shown that they are not above spinning an absurd narrative fueled by a crazed and demented Giuliani, that Clinton staged the Mueller investigation, that a credible dossier compiled by a well-respected, oft-used FBI ex MI6 was somehow fixed by her, that her oppo research firm Crowdstrike and her server are “somewhere” in Ukraine. Yet we know that Putin put these ideas into the head of his “useful fool” Trump.

But in effect Trump and his cronies’ corruption is not our worst problem. What happens when the safeguards of the US Constitution fail us? When we have a corrupt President, AG, Secretary of State, Chief of Staff, Vice President and a merry band of wack jobs spewing lie on lie? A Senate Majority Leader letting Trump increase the diameter of his own rectum on a daily basis?

Schiff has been immensely courageous to call Trump out. The evidence is staggering with more emerging every day.

But the hairbrained Senate GOP? They don’t care that Trump has committed crime on crime, including wagging the Iranian dog, resulting in the death of all aboard a passenger jet, and traumatic brain injuries to our troops.

All day they’ve been bitching about the long and painstaking process by means of which irrefutable evidence of Trump’s moral bankruptcy and criminal behavior has been put before them.

We are already faced with the most dire of situations; our system has failed us because so many of those in power have failed the system, thereby betraying us all.

We had the stones to drive back the British, giving our lives in the process, and to do the same for the abolition of slavery.

What are we going to do now? Lie down and take it? We’ve liberated other countries from their dictators and now we have one of our own. We also have the armies of the night to deal with– Trump cultist militias ready to launch civil war.

If I had my mobility and my youth back, I would be meeting with my fellow former anti-Vietnam War vanguard, mobilizing for the inevitable. To take a few cues from Schiff: you all know what must be done. We are not immune from tyranny and tyranny requires a response.

I pray that true heroes of the anti-Trump movement emerge, and soon.

For crucifixion itself is too good for the likes of Donald Trump.