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A Note to the Social Media/Blog Platform police:  your platforms are appreciated but that you make millions from advertising is not lost on us.  Mainly, this is a cautionary reminder:  you may not discriminate in your policies.  In other words, if you give an uncensored platform to the President, a White Nationalist  who incites the murder of Jews and Journalists and calls Latin Americans Insects, virtually sicing  far right wingnuts with AR15s on Jewish Human Rights Resettlement Organizations, you may not censor someone like me who believes that it is imperative that he be removed from power before anyone else is killed and who is exercising her First Amendment rights.  No matter how extreme my rhetoric and close to those lines that intersect with Federal Law of which I am well aware, you must not tread on my civil and Constitutional Rights without facing immediate and prolonged and well-publicized action.

My Post:

Donald John Trump is truly our head witch, a  criminal thug put in power by Putin who is fomenting a white supremacist takeover of the United States with his violent rhetoric, his dog whistling to his white male base to snuff those he regards as vermin, which includes Latin American refugees he claims are financed by George Soros, his approbation for the murder of a Saudi American journalist who wrote for Trump’s media enemy, the Washington Post, that 12 of his Democratic critics received pipe bombs, that there are now 11 dead Jewish congregants of a Pittsburgh Synagogue because the refugee resettlement program HIAS is there and an anti-Semite responded to Trump’s fear-mongering about the Other and the “Caravan” of Latin American refugees,  and a white supremacist in love with DJT killed two black people in Kentucky. He knows how to gin up rage and hate at the level that causes white male hate-baiting, KKK sycophants shouting “Jews will not replace us,” to lock and load and literally take people out. 

Trump’s brand of domestic terrorism perpetuated through bald-faced lies and rhetoric inciting his effective white supremacist lieutenants is insidious and the most expedient solution to his criminality is to give him the same treatment we gave Bin Laden.  Bravo, Obama, for ridding the world of that scourge. 

Consider:  what is fundamentally American here?  We didn’t tolerate England’s tyranny nor the racism of the Confederacy.,    What is the appropriate and courageous American response to Trump’s tyranny, that he is a a rogue actor whose disrespect for the Rule of Law and the Constitution flows out of his mouth like pig shit?  He is foul, a menace and a threat to democracy and to everything that Americans hold dear.

What is American is not to sit around and hope that there is a “blue wave” as wonderful as that would be. And in terms of checks and balances, right now, Congress is complicit with Mr. Witch. 

It is now indisputable that DJT is a danger to the Country; to turn his rhetoric around, an enemy of the people and that if he is not removed from power, more people will die.

More Latin American and Mexican refugees will have their babies ripped from their arms, their older kids put in Trump’s tents with their dog kennels, managed on antipsychotics.  This is tyranny on the order of Hitler.  Despiertate America.  Wake the Fuck up.

Someone needs to step up.  Many someones, armed to the teeth, as surgically precise in numbers and skill as any rogue flag-waving citizen militia in Appalachia.

Regarding the Special Counsel investigation which we have all pinned our hopes on, it is truly imperiled by smear tactics from Trump’s cult members.

What will it take for We the People whose Democratic way of life under the US Constitution has been utterly abrogated to take to the streets, to organize for true and just action in accordance with our birthright? 

Read my post in Vox Populi via the above link in which I speak to the fact that the Bill of Rights and Declaration say that the people have a duty to overthrow a despot.

Read about the sins against the people of King George, his “usurpations,” and you’ll think you’re reading a list of Trump’s blatant sins against the people.  Read about how George met a rigorous test for our first declaration of war against the oppressive English monarchy.

Congressional Republicans in power are useless.  They have fallen under his spell just as surely as if an Imam has exhorted them to fly planes into U.S. skyscrapers.

DJT is our Bin Laden.  He has been crafty in bending language to suit his purposes, to spread rumors that George Soros is paying for a “caravan” of Honduran refugees who are bearing down on our Country harboring terrorists in their midst and afflicted with leprosy.  He is inciting more whack-jobs to pop their bump stocks into their AR-15s and go after Latin Americans in their conviction that the Other is taking over America.

DJT knows his base well.  He knows that utter flakes believe the shit that comes from his mouth.  Read the last post of the Synagogue shooter and weep.

It isn’t going to work to vote or walk around chanting in Hebrew, carrying the Torah.  These things are not going to stop Trump’s insane efforts, drunk as he is on power and resentment,

Unfortunately, the only thing that will liberate our country from this tyrant is radical revolutionary action, planned well.

I write this post under the permissions of the First Amendment and the call to action of our very founders in the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.

It is Donald Trump who killed #JamalKhaghoggi, Washington Post Columnist. Indirect murder is still murder. I believe that this plot was something he and his  son in law Kushner cooked up, who recites the Torah on Shabat with Ivanka, convert to Judaism, but who is in a bromance with Arab tyrant Mohammed Bin Salman and plotted with the Russian Ambassador and Putin’s GRU to swing the election on Facebook and Twitter and who is therefore a motherfucking traitor just as Trump is a traitor in colluding with the Russians, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, George Papadopolous and others in his campaign tribe to get elected.

You know, I am a 70 year old marginalized poet who can only walk about 20 ft at a time with a cane.  I am housebound.

But make no mistake.  I can be “dangerously subversive.”  I can be a courageous voice calling for American Revolution #2.

I am a veteran of the Opposition to the unlawful U.S. Vietnam War.  You can call me Hanoi Jenne’.  I never went to Hanoi, but I was radicalized by a brilliant Canadian Marxist poet with a newly minted MFA whose first act was to post on his door in the Colorado State U English Department that he was “Faculty Sponsor for SDS.”

Reattach your balls & your clits, sheeple.  Wake from your slumber, weak-kneed libs of my generation.  Become a Voice of Revolution and Termination of Trump’s Tyranny.

Donald John Trump is asking for it and we must give it to him.  He has a Target painted on his forehead, under his clown-hair.  He can’t find his ass with both hands as evidenced by the viral video of his boarding A-1 trailing half a roll of Charmin.

We used to march under our 1st Amendment rights shouting:  “Bring the War Home; Turn the Guns Around.”  “Off the Pig.”

I fought with a cop in the snow in front of the Fort Collins Post Office.  I knocked him down and he knocked me down. I was luckier than the Kent State kids.  He could have shot me dead.   I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine, and my heart broke.  But I carried on and assisted in the takeover of a building on the CSU campus;  I tied up the fucking janitor and reassured him that we only needed to stop him from calling the cops.

It turned out that there was a fomenting CIA plant in our midst and all charges were dismissed.

I helped saboteur Cameron Bishop, who took out power towers in Golden at the Coors Plant where armored plates for military helicopters were being manufactured, together with the nose cones for sidewinder missiles, get out of the country.  I did these things with my heart in my throat and because I and others were brave Americans.

Things like this were happening everywhere, long, long before Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn of the Weatherman faction of SDS who further radicalized us in our A-frame in Rist Canyon West of Fort Collins, became tenured faculty at Northwestern.

I don’t begrudge them their freedom and position.  They paid their dues; they put themselves on the line to end the fucking lie-based war and the fucking illegitimate Presidency of Richard Millhouse Nixon, the last pig we had in the White House.

There is no “caravan of criminals” coming.  The Criminal is the Rogue President, Donald John Trump, Traitor, Unindicted Co-Conspirator, Liar in Chief, Adulterer, Wife Beater, Domestic Terrorist, White Supremacist, the pathetic excuse for a man who has become a clear and present danger to our very lives, the witch at 12 o’clock high.

That’s why we need the People’s equivalent of a Seal Team 6, to effect his removal from office.

Then American life will have a silver lining.  Neutralize and lock up this fucking pumpkin head racist shill.

Make it over.  This Nightmare. This Halloween Mess named Donald J.  Trump, Dictator, over and done to a turn:  Make him the People’s POW, to be tried for treason and incitement and murder.  “For God and Country.”


copyright 2018 Jenne’ R. Andrews  Share/Reblog but attribute, w/ my thanks.