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Caution: harsh language for emphasis.

Those who follow me and read my posts, particularly since the election of the humanoid antithetical to every American value and to the world order since the Armistice, the dim-witted orangutan who occupies the White House., must surely know that I will tell the truth as I see it herein..

So yes, I am going to provoke, assert, tell, shout, scream, aver, testify, bear witness to, explicate, propagate, argue and communicate– not as gadfly but because we have known for some time and had it confirmed on Friday with the indictment of twelve Russian military intelligence officers of the ruthless and masterful GRU, that the Trump Campaign, including Trump himself, conspired with an adversarial foreign power to inflict harm upon the United States and her people.

Donald Trump’s behavior has not been that of a patriot; it has been that of a spy, a collaborator, someone devoted to undermining American democracy as institution and way of life.  What are these things but the actions of a traitor?

Today in Helsinki, in a press conference after meeting Putin behind closed doors for two hours, Trump took the side of Putin in denial that the US election was ever hacked by members of the GRU at Putin’s bidding.  This is treachery; it is betrayal; it is treason.

Hence: The Helsinki Accord: Vladimir, bro:  you are a fine man.  You are my equal.  I believe you.  This is Trump’s effective brofest and the fruit thereof.  What is this but further evidence that Trump, all along, has been dancing to Putin’s flute, waltzing to his mandolin, snapping his fingers to his balalaika wearing his babushka:  the reason and the only reason on the horizons of common sense in the intelligent mind that can be, after Trump deplaned in Helsinki, disappearing into the nether rooms of the royal palace, to be alone for two hours with Vladimir Putin, to receive further marching orders from his handler, instructions on what to say and do now that Mueller has begun to blow the roof off the shithouse, exposing the existence of a family of  turds wearing hammer and sickle berets.

What does it say to us that Trump seemingly takes Putin at his word and refused to call him out on election meddling?  There is but one explanation:  Trump has been in bed with Putin, giving him the equivalent of anal sex on demand.  To be Putin’s willing consort is treason.

Consider that all of Trump’s narratives and red herrings are disintegrating before the force and competence of the Mueller investigation.  Consider that he is likely to be named, according to constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley, a co-conspirator in Russia’s documentable 2016 conspiracy to infiltrate the 2016 Presidential Campaign—not as anything less than the Janus at its very heart, candidate and infiltrator, spy and presidential candidate.

According to USC 18 SS 2381 a Traitor is as follows:

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

Let us permit the definition to marinate for a time. We know via the Mueller indictment,  that Trump called for foreign power intervention into the United States on July 17, 2016 when like Pilate,  he, callow and craven to the core, invited Russia to deliver to him the head of Barrabas— in the form of Clinton’s “30,000 missing e-mails”—deleted, scholars and lawyers agree,  within her purview as Secretary of State and  well  before the Select Committee chaired by attack dog Trey Goudy, R-NC subpoenaed everything from her private server).

We know per the Mueller indictment of twelve Russian GRU co-conspirators on July 13, 2018, two years from that day, that mere hours later from the “Russia, if you’re listening” epic boondoggle, “after hours,” in Russia, that the twelve named co-conspirators, members of the select military intelligence branch from the indictment commenced their first spear-phishing, in which they used a url-shortening program to hide a links back to their servers in which they exhorted top members of the Clinton presidential campaign to change their passwords, subsequently scraping 500,000 voters’ data from the Clinton campaign .   This raises two possibilities, neither of them good for Trump.  One is that Trump knew and was therefore complicit in Russia’s plans.  The other is that Russia was on standby, waiting for a signal.This also means that he knew. 

For two years, Donald Trump has given us plenty of information that supports a diagnosis of Traitor.  Most troublingly he has made a concerted effort to stop any and all efforts of the special counsel in a criminal investigation launched via bipartisan action w.  He has repeatedly gone out of his way to undermine Mueller and his work, calling it a witch hunt a million times..  He has been furious with Sessions for his recusal, openly said that he fired James Comey over the “Russia Investigation.”

Even after Rosenstein announced the Indictment of twelve members of the GRU, including explicit tradecraft and who by name used it, Trump’s sordid and treacherous response has been to reiterate that this hacking was “Obama’s problem, “ to not condemn the hackers and Putin as someone committed to US welfare would, but to reiterate things about Hillary Clinton.  

The indictments detail what each of the named co-conspirators did and how, reiterating throughout that the purpose, the goal, the clearcut aim of the infiltrators, to a man, was to undermine Madame Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bid for the U.S. Presidency

But the Russian’s larger goal as many including David Remnik, Editor in Chief of the New Yorker have written, has been to dismantle the Western democracies and destroy the alliances that stand in the way of Putin’s goal to return Russia to the glorious days of the motherland.

According to Jonathan Chait, writing last week in New York Magazine, Trump’s nativist, nationalist vision for the United States is a counterpart to Putin’s for Russia.  But he points out that Trump sought out Putin’s approbation as early as 87, and was laundering Russian oligarch’s money through his real estate empire in the late nineties.  What makes us sit up in alarm are the following comments by Chait:

The first intimations that Trump might harbor a dark secret originated among America’s European allies, which, being situated closer to Russia, have had more experience fending off its nefarious encroachments. In 2015, Western European intelligence agencies began picking up evidence of communications between the Russian government and people in Donald Trump’s orbit. In April 2016, one of the Baltic states shared with then–CIA director John Brennan an audio recording of Russians discussing funneling money to the Trump campaign. In the summer of 2016, Robert Hannigan, head of the U.K. intelligence agency GCHQ, flew to Washington to brief Brennan on intercepted communications between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Former CIA Director John Brennan has famously stated that in some cases spies are turned and put to work without realizing what happened to them.  This is tantamount to the notion that Trump was hit in the head by lightning and didn’t know it.

But has he been the innocent Brennan suggests?  I think not.

We have any number of brilliant political scientists, former CIA operatives and investigative journalists who all agree that Vladimir Putin and Mr. Trump have a common agenda: to hamstring democracy, crippling us so that we cannot stand in the way of Russia’s empire building and at the very least—word used as a nod to what we do not yet “know” with the exquisite detail of the Mueller indictments– because Trump loves power.  He loves to steal babies from those nasty, rank bedbug immigrants soiling our country with their presence, their indiscriminate breeding, never mind their Constitutional rights to due process and equal treatment under the law– and right to seek asylum under international law.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly bowed down to Putin since he took office.  Again, at a rally on July 27 2016, he put out a booty call for the “missing” Clinton e-mails.  Mere hours later, according to the indictment, Russia’s henchmen began spear-fishing the Clinton campaign  databases, coming away with a trove of data to manipulate and people who could, it has been theorized, be purged from the rolls.

Athough Trump himself has not been named, he will be indicted according to Jonathan Turley, as a co-conspirator, which indeed rises to the level of and goes well beyond crimes and misdemeanors and other offenses set forth in the Constitution..

Mueller’s indictments of July 13, 2018 are meticulous, serving up a context and background on the extent of Russian meddling which is actually conspiracy to commit treason.  What remains is to plug in the names of those who worked with Russia to put Donald Trump in power.

The ground has been conclusively and wholly laid to learn which Americans were on the receiving end.  Roger Stone’s name has been floated in something known by some to be forthcoming but with the jaw-dropping details theorized without enough facts –yet—to make them clear.

It is significant that the FBI has reminded us all of its magnificent commitment to the truth the day after the small-minded house judiciary committee took delight in making mincemeat out of former head of counter intel Peter Strzok, in one of the most pathetic displays of attempts to cover-up the treasonous behavior of a president that could have taken place.

Another statement in the indictment was that some of the hacked material was handed to someone running for Congress at his request.  In my view this can only be Trump waterboy Devin Nunes, R-CA.

Donald Trump intends to meet with Putin in Helsinki as planned.  People have been saying that he should confront Putin with the indictments.But really, why would he do such a thing.  He is meeting with Putin to receive props for his comportment as an agent of the Russian Government.

What else can Donald Trump be but Putin’s agent?  Everything he does and says, from attacking our allies, his admiration for strongmen, his distaste for the Constitution, his nativism/nationalism, his racisim, is all about pleasing Vladimir Putin.

You don’t have to have a doctorate in international relations to understand that something has been terribly wrong from the beginning with this thick and ham-handed crass thug’s presence in the Oval Office.  Disgruntled rural Americans and pissed off rich people seeking tax breaks could not have swelled the progress that swept Trump into power.

What remains are names.  American names. American deeds.  What DT is covering up with his perpetual cries of “Witch hunt!  Witch hunt!  Ari Melber:  this shows a felonious conspiracy.

What is clear is that Mueller is the perfect bloodhound to sniff through Trump’s laundry for the foulest pair, stained from goldens showers from Russian nocturnal flowers.  Read Putin’s Kompremot and indictment called by David Corn, Bureau Chief for Mother Jones, a masterful piece of tradecraft,  how intelligence becomes evidence.

The remedy is immediate impeachment, calling the conspiracy to undermine the election on the part of a foreign power and Trump’s refusal to indict Putin as collective high crimes and misdemeanors.

The truth will out.  And then we will see whether America as a country has lost its balls along with its mind.

From where I sit, the only narrative that comports with reason is that Trump has been turned by Putin.  He was dropped into the national discourse when he investigated Obama’s birth certificate.   He admires Putin’s strongman qualities and is an ungrown child with a fascist for a surrogate father.

If all roads lead to Putin and a long-lasting partnership, then the end of the road is very simple; it is a zero-sum game in which the one incontrovertible truth will be that Donald Trump  is a traitor.  The day will come when all in our country are faced with a dilemma: how should Trump be punished?  I say, infiltrator, criminal and Russian shill that he is, that he will be long overdue for lethal injection.