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“A Country without a conscience is a country without a soul. And a country without a soul cannot survive.”  Churchill

For the past weeks as the purely evil and conscienceless driven behavior of the Trump Regime has illuminated itself bit by bit to be wholly rogue, racist and insane, regarding the internment camps it is continuing to fill with refugees, that the infants stolen from the refugees are nowhere to be found and that this human excrement in the White House now wants to do away with immigrants’ right to due process and equal protection under the law, I have blogged in explication of how our forefathers laid the groundwork to break away from George III to declare independence from England and to drive back the British.

A week after the curtain was pulled back on these atrocities, we still don’t know where the infants are.  What has the prick done with the infants and how dare he, how dare he not disclose this to Congress, let alone the Press.  He thinks he can do anything, pretending he is acting to keep the people safe by calling refugees with brown skin criminals, criminalizing the seeking of asylum, justifying his behavior which arises out of his apprenticeship at the knee of his card-carrying KKK father.  

I have addressed the duty to act as set forth by Thomas Paine and others who found George III’s “usurpation” of the human rights shared by all citizens the world over so egregious,  that the duty to remove a tyrant/despot from power was made a part of the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence;  the time came to take it to the narrow streets of the Colonies, the fields, where male heads of households and their oldest sons responded to the clarion call of Paul Revere. In this case we couldn’t lynch King George.  But the blood of the Red Coats ran in the streets with our own.  The people had had enough.  They went mano a mano, to the death, for freedom from tyranny: something we should all think about in the very depths of our souls.

Our country went to war with itself during Nous Guerre Civile to end slavery, with more casualties than in the two World Wars combined.  And small cadres of revolutionary-minded true Patriots, not just the wingnuts of the rural South afraid liberals want their guns, concerned with executive abuse of power have met in secret to strategize since then.

Where is the courage so desperately now required?  It may be in hiding now, but it needs to emerge.

In the late sixties and early seventies the People rose up again in grave distress over the unwinnable war robbing us of our blood and treasure– Lyndon Johnson’s Viet Nam, based in McNamara’s lie.  SDS was born– Students for a Democratic Society and in 1969 at a convention in Chicago which I went to with some of my friends, there was a split in the Movement between pacifist radicals, and yes–there can be such a one– and those who argued that only violent action would bring about change.

I was not a member of the Weather Underground,  but I was mesmerized by the depth of commitment, the brilliance of polemic and certitude that mere peace vigils would never bring about an end to the War.  I was also captivated by the likes of Bernadine Dohrn, who came to my mountain home to rendezvous and “consciousness-raise” our chapter of SDS, who led me in “calisthentics” in the living room shortly before the ’69 SDS Convention in Chicago when the Movement split with the brilliant Mike Klonsky calling for continuing to raise consciousness at the grassroots,  so that our movement against the U.S. “Military-Industrial Complex” would gain traction and have longevity.  Oddly enough this push runs parallel to the democratic view of  a populist uprising–as in “power to the people”–not the right wing rural Americans designated populists today– set forth in our very own Bill of Rights, which in enumerating the abuses of King George III all too clearly defines the sort of tyrant Trump has become.


Bernadine Dorhn, Days of Rage ’69


Ex-Weathermen Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dorhn today

These were brilliant intellectuals radicalized by outrage at the War who had and have much to teach all of us about how to be patriots when your back is to the wall.  Revolution has its place and time.  As we see today’s Trumpian tweets about depriving immigrants of their right to due process, one wonders how to move minds and hearts to unseat this perpetrator of misery–and what might be in store for him if he continues to resemble nothing as much as a despot, a rogue and faux president, something so antithetical to our way of life.

My other heroine du jour was Bernadette Devlin, in fact, brilliant mouthpiece of a liberated Northern Ireland.  She was brave!  Who do we have among us, oh my countrypeople, who is so brave that they would risk being gunned down by the government?  The provisional IRA has been active in recent years in setting an example we can learn from, regarding our true duty to fight for our vision for our country with the caveat that there is never any turning back from picking up the gun.

From Wikipedia:

“The IRA called a final ceasefire in July 1997, after its political wing Sinn Féin was re-admitted into the Northern Ireland peace talks. It supported the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and in 2005 it disarmed under international supervision. An internal British Army document (released in 2007 under the Freedom of Information Act) examining its 37 years of deployment in Northern Ireland, describes the IRA as “a professional, dedicated, highly skilled and resilient force”, while loyalist paramilitaries and other republican groups are described as “little more than a collection of gangsters”.[21] American media usually described the IRA as “activists” and “guerillas”, while the British press widely dubbed them “terrorists”. Several splinter groups have been formed as a result of splits within the IRA, including the Continuity IRA which emerged from a split in 1986 but did not become active until the Provisional IRA ceasefire of 1994, and the Real IRA after the final 1997 ceasefire, both of which are still active in the low-level dissident Irish republican campaign.”

While many revolutionaries here and abroad move away from domestic terrorism to polemic, a flame burns on in the heart of anyone of the persuasion that tyranny is tyranny, oppression oppression and the fervent hope that someone, somewhere, someone young and agile, perhaps skilled to the teeth like a disillusioned Navy SEAL or Army RANGER, is at this moment preparing to rid the United States of its dictator.

I and others would devote every minute to reviving the Weather Underground faction today, if such a guerrilla movement could covertly, without being truncated at inception, arise around the tyranny of the Trump regime, its utterly unconstitutional and human rights-violating internment of asylum-seekers–and also if being revolutionary has not seemed as in Robespierre’s case, to make a brute out of a man of the people.

And then there is the rage that fuels extremism, which surely half the country is feeling. Today we hear that the implicit goal of the internment is not to unite any of the children with their parents–long since deported– but to transfer children out of the camps into foster care and from thence, according to reports on MSNBC into forced adoptions and/or militar base “camps”.

We have a criminal on the order of Adolf Hitler in the Whitehouse, with his little “judefreude,” his happy little Jew-boy turned white nationalist at his side, his unspeakably cruel theft of children from parents whose only crime was to cross the Rio Grande in search of asylum.  The true infestation of our country is by Trump supporters, who to a man and a woman have low IQ’s and/or high levels of gullability, or they would never have been taken in by this criminal crony of Putin, this “usefool fool” who deserves nothing as much as he deserves by every measure to have his throat slit with piano wire in a people’s public execution.

I am not alone, and people rarely get what they deserve, cf the Supreme Court decision today to uphold Trump’s right in the short term to decide who may and who may not come into the country, in this case, on the basis of religion.

We cannot underestimate what a set back this is and it will be the subject of a post tomorrow.  All of us, who see through him, which, we hope, given the popular vote that elected Madame Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, not this dildo in a suit, are struggling to color within the lines, to be careful not to advocate sedition and assassination while we fervently hope that someone crazy as an owl, an Oswald, a Hinkley, comes along, hides in the trees, and takes out Marine One.  So endeth a revolution ere it begins..

Surely God himself weeps at what has happened.  Any American who remains apathetic and does not commit himself or herself to advocating for these people and for the removal of a president who considers himself above the law–none of this has anything to do with our immigration laws- is complicit in letting this tyranny go on unabated.

Congress has refused to call for Trump’s impeachment.  Lawful avenue upon avenue is closed by Republican cowardice. 

Again, we who espouse world justice and the primacy of human rights have according to our own Declaration of Independence–see my post  revised at the link (reprinted in an earlier version at Vox Populi) and subsequent posts on this blog–the right to go well beyond conscientious objection to Donald Trump’s abuse of power and how his Nazi-collaborating judafreude Miller is the soulless, spineless architect of this, “the simple solution,” the deporting of refugees who will never see their children again and the interning of those infants and children without letting members of Congress and the Press in as the People’s representatives in an agenda that should shock the conscience of every American.


The kids are moved by night and the regime commandeered by Howdy Doody on acid continues its terrible and terrifying pogrom.!

WE THE PEOPLE have a moral imperative to kneecap a regime and depose a rogue “leader’ who operates without a conscience outside the rule of law.  The Declaration and The Constitution give us permission to do this.  However, the Founders preached that all the people must rise up, not just the errant letter-bomber. In the interim, we must inveigh upon our representatives that if they fail to act, they expose the country and the world to the arbitrary actions of the few.

“When Jefferson wrote his famous preamble, he was restating, in more eloquent language, the philosophy of natural rights expressed in the Virginia Declaration that the Founders embraced. And when Jefferson said, in the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, that “[w]hen in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another,” he was recognizing the right of revolution that, the Founders believed, had to be exercised whenever a tyrannical government threatened natural rights. That’s what Jefferson meant when he said Americans had to assume “the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them.”

Our own natural rights are threatened when the person we have entrusted to be the Executive of the Constitution neither respects the right of all people in this country to due process and equal treatment, or international law. We are at the point at which we must prepare to exercise the right to remove, to depose someone who has exceeded his power and needs to be stopped!  Never before have we had a white supremacist and utterly racist thug in the White House, let alone one Congress seems impotent to condemn and remove.

I will be contacting key Congressmen and women over the next few days.  I will warn them that there are rumblings of  “guerilla warfare” against the man millions have trusted to be fair and just, but who is just the opposite;  we need the reawakening of a Left armed with the same panoply of radical actions enacted upon repressive regimes throughout time.  The people’s arsenal is formidable but it must be used as leverage if at all, just as we flash our phallic missiles at the rest of the world.  A fake, a feint, a moment.  What could go wrong?

For it is taking action that is the problem, isn’t it.  Yes, even for me.  For at this moment accomplished hackers can sabotage.  RPGs mounted in speedboats can bring down jets over open water.  Enlisting the assistance of the like-minded on other shores who understand that a given country is in the grip of tyranny can result in suicide bombing of  motorcades. Other countries have drones.

It is only those who are in the grip of tyranny who would or could resort to such things;  I submit to you that we are indeed in that grip and that with every insult to the American conscience perpetrated by Donald Trump, he is rendering himself vulnerable to the assassin or worse–together with the making of his own children and grandchildren vulnerable as well.

Perhaps such people only have to be asked.  It is impossible to say.  Perhaps they are ready to assist those Americans who find Trump to be not only a danger to the emigres but to the rest of the world in how he includes among his consorts Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

Robespierre inspired the French to rise up and put Louis XVI to death.  That he himself was put to death is somewhat immaterial.  The door to democracy is ever opened again when a tyrant closes it, by revolution.  They say violence breeds violence and this is indubitably the case.  But let us ask this question:  why haven’t we risen up and stormed the internment camps?  Why haven’t the men and women of Congress risen as one and demanded Trump’s impeachment?

The Founders never envisioned the scenario we have in which in essence there is now an American triumvirate of Trump, Miller, Kelly at the helm, with the smarmy Kushner in the background.  They never envisioned a spineless majority party, nor a vice president unwilling to act under the permissions of Amendment 24 and 25.

Revolution has its dangers.  Like the ouroborous, it can turn back upon itself and the liberators can become the perpetrators.  Robespierre’s nobility morphed into barbarism and terror.  But history is there as our lesson.  There is no getting around our “Thermidorian” situation and we all must sharpen our minds.

In the 70’s a man named Cameron Bishop and another member of SDS boldly and unwisely announced at a huge SDS convention in Colorado Springs that he and his comrade had “done a real job” on the Coors Power Plant outside Golden, blowing up the power towers there, as Coors, far from making beer, was making nosecones for sidewinder missiles used in Vietnam and armored plates for Black Hawk style helicopters capable of taking out entire villages of Vietnamese.

By then My Lai had happened.  Many of our GI’s were disgraced.  That is why they didn’t come home to a hero’s welcome.

We got Cam out of Colorado and into Canada, where he was foolish enough to not stay.  It is my recollection that he came in and robbed a bank and for all I know is still in prison, some forty years later.

Consider the other moments in the world when peoples’ backs have been to the wall;  I believe we are in such a time and that the only way to stop Trump is to stop him wholly and completely.  I am entitled to my beliefs although, fortuitously perhaps, I cannot simply act upon them,  and I remain in stating them, a woman of words sitting in a wheelchair, without a clear plan.  Under Amendment 1 and by virtue of the fact that I call upon the American people to rise up now and stop putting up with the intolerable, we must prepare for the ever more inevitable; to in thought, word, considered deed,  lay the groundwork for the removal of the Trump regime from power.  There are remedies for his endless soliloquy on the world stage that have yet to be put into effect and to get out the vote, to raise awareness et al, to consciousness-raise toward a wholesale impeachment,  are the least combustible tools. .