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Many people are praying today, but I say that prayer is senseless.

When small children, small boys are being forcefully controlled with antipsychotics?

When we have what Trump and his little white supremacist have done,  who should not forget the plight of his own people under Hitler, yesterday when asked about the separation of mothers and childrens and actually said, “It’s a simple solution,” being such a pragmatic but evil man–if we can call either of them a man–as to echo “the final solution;”  when we find out he was the errand boy of Alabama’s own Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and the architect of this pogrom–just take their kids–it’s easy– when congressmen and women continue to be denied access to the centers including the tent city near Torrillo TX, when there was never any plan to unite the children and parents–

when people seeking sanctuary are viewed by the Executive Branch as criminals, when the Chief Executive thinks he can revise Immigration Law i.e. legislate, when we aren’t allowed to see them through the press’s eyes to see how they are, when Trumpites cut of his white supremacist cloth speak fondly of him, shaking their heads at the “fake news” and the “child actors” the Left i.e. mainstream news media is showing on television, we cannot yet afford to believe that anything is as it should be.

This is because yesterday Trump’s lawyers tried to get rid of the requirements in Flores that immigrants only be detained for 22 days in order to keep them with their children who, after less time must be put in licensed shelters, and will be largely unsuccessful.

This means that this horrific chaos of attempted reunification which seems likely to disintegrate into rogue attempts at unlawful detention once more, is far from over.


Trump is still justifying himself.  But it is Miller I have been watching lately, his classic of the desert, of the Old World profile, looking almost Jesus like at times as he was painted during the Rennaissance, with his staring pale blue eyes, his acquiline profile, looking inward at what he knew was in store for him.

This has given all of us a bad taste in our mouths for people who engage in rank oppression when their own ethnic history includes one Holocaust and a diaspora.

Miller should in word and deed stick his head into the Torah and go down on his knees before his God to beg forgiveness for the anguish he has inflicted on newborn babies and on mothers and fathers.  Perhaps he would like a needle of Haldol, a shot of Zyprexa to freeze his brain?   Because, per yesterday’s reference to the piece in HuffPo, this is what is happening to boys at the Shenandoah “shelter.”

Consider that this trio of whack-jobs of Trump, Sessions and Miller has dispersed all 2k children from babies to teenagers to 200 centers in 17 states sub tavola and under cover of the night,  and ordered the Navy to prepare unused military sites to house detanees.  I mean, Latin Americans.  Before this leaked, what was the plan?

I wonder if the plan was to kill them? In a manner of speaking, of course.  To turn them into young psychotic rebels who could confirm Trump’s opinion of brown men as inherent perpetrators, “rapists, murderers.” Oh Taste and See, White Nationalist Puerco.  Let us not call by your formal address, but what you are.

That we the people, through our representatives and the press are not being allowed to check on these children remains an original sin of the Administration.

For, how do you turn people into criminals?  You strip them of their dignity, put them in cages, throw them into camps, watch them go to the bathroom, piss on them, subdue them with drugs and beatings, which we have also heard about, and abrogate every civil right they have.

You call them insects, you grind them into the dirt, until one day, they rise up and fight back.  They slit someone’s throat–entirely understandable.  Then the police can take them out.

These kids have been undergoing some kind of mind control and systematic brainwashing in these centers.  And who, what Latino, what native Spanish speaker, would sell out and participate in this cruel farce.

Per the Flores decision and our immigration laws, each detained person is entitled to be released after 22 hours even if he yet to have a hearing–not to be herded into courtrooms en masse and not released without his children..

Now Herr Drumpf, son of a Klansman,  trots out several victims of Latino crime which is one tenth of that of black crime– as if that justifies what he has done. And Sessions proclaims today that girls who are domestic abuse victims shouldn’t have sanctuary.

A sad irony in all of this, regarding A-1 landing in Duluth the other night to adoring skinheads and freaks–his supporters–is that they cannot see the man has what someone called a “corrupt soul, per LA’s Mayor Luis Gutierrez.

Now why is this?  Because it is also true of some of his shills in Congress, who have yet to speak up.  They have dressed him up when he is a charletan.  The shout, “Impeach the Bastard” should be echoing throughout the halls of Congress.

The unwillingness to rally around this imperative in that it is emblazed in neon on every wall of House and Senate,  from every sightline in Congress,  is morally reprehensible.  That the immigrant children have a Judas, not a Jesus, a contemptible Judefreude in the White House, a sell-out perpetrator, in the White House beggars belief.

When I was a girl being abused in an alcoholic family, after my mother had been ripped away from me, and after she had come home and begun to abuse me through repeated abandonments, I grew thick foliage over my own heart; this was done to control and devastate me, by a rank drunk of a mother.  If the level of rage in my rhetoric is puzzling it is because in moments I am prepared to die or go to jail to see the end of these cretins.   would give half of what I own to see an iota of justice for them.

Act we must, because we have a country on life support, under the swastika, and the whole world can see it.