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The most egregious thing Donald Trump has committed against the American people, our Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution is to have put Latin American refugee children into a traumatic diaspora that has utterly compromised their sense of identity, their domestic present and their cultural past, all without the People’s knowledge or access to them.

This so utterly represents an abuse of power and a crime against the most vulnerable that at a minimum, in a heroic effort to undo his crimes within the rule of law, rather than to launch a full scale revolution with its terrible expediencies, we have a duty to impeach him and to sit on Congress until he is removed from office.  As I said in my last post that was live on Vox Populi yesterday, in the Declaration of Independence we are charged with the duty to rise up against a despot’s “usurpations and insults” upon all of the people and bring him to justice.  

At this hour mayors are gathering at the facilities housing some of the 2k children separated from their families to gain access to see why all of this has been shrouded in secrecy.  The man we should all blanch at denoting as “president” has indeed violated the First Amendment in abridging the freedom of the press to report the actions of the government– it is not far fetched to say that he has effected a coup, adding insult to injury when it comes to collaborating with a foreign power to throw the election to himself.

All of these things amount to the same color of tyranny that formed the rationale for the American Revolution of 1776 when we threw off the oppression of King George III of England and declared our independence.

While Trump was forced to jump-start some kind of terminus of the separation of children and parents on the border yesterday so that, allegedly,  families may stay together, offering some relief to those of us riveted on the immigrant children undergoing unrelieved trauma,  we must not relax our vigilance; nor must we stop asking questions and demanding answers.  For, as one pundit said on MSNBC last night, rather than being the beginning of the end of his persecution of those fleeing Latin America and Mexico, it seems that it is only the end of the beginning.

And in the midst of what must be our relentless concern and empathy for the children, we must indoctrinate ourselves in deepest comprehension of what Trump is and who he is–as well as who, as leader of the free world (o irony) he should be.

An intellectual activism, an analytical drive to deepen our grasp of issues and to comprehend others’ behavior, is the anodyne for the suicidal depression many of us experience when others’ trauma reminds us of our own, when we are triggered, so  horrified and devastated, that for a time we are numb and then raw to the breaking point.   The trauma inflicted upon the American people has been its own deep brand of powerless anguish, rendering many of us paralyzed with distress so that it is fair to claim utter abrogation of our own right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in a ghettoized despair.

But as adults of sound mind and intact will, this is less, far less about us than the welfare of some 2k refugee children whose parents are either somewhere in the machinery of civil or criminal court on the border, detained here or there awaiting trial or deported without them, likely to never see them again.

This is inexcusable, and grounds for us to obtain justice for the children and for ourselves and it utterly demands that we remain committed to exercising our right to free speech and our right to put this living aberration of a man on trial.


Today, in addition to the shock of learning that hundreds of babies are in “Tender Age” shelters in Texas a mere day and a half ago, we learn that many many migrant children are forcibly being administered psychotropic drugs.  We can’t have them running out into the street and alerting someone to how they are being held against  their will, forced into uniforms, fitted with ankle monitors,  put through a regimen worthy of nothing as much as force-fed veal calves stumbling into the abatoir, after all.

I am reminded now of the story of the concentration camp of Terezin in Czechoslovakia, in which little cottages with manicured lawns were set up and Jewish poets, musicians and intellectuals were held, forced to seem and appear happy, and how one night, they performed the Verdi Requiem  with its unmistakable “Dies Irae”– God’s Wrath–in a terrifying prescience, for it was mere hours before they were put en masse into freight trains that wound their way “east.”

The sanitized images of the children put out by the government belie the horrific possibilities in play.  Could they be undergoing mind control, indoctrination into being model Americans?  Could they be being brought under control to be rendered fit for adoption?

It would perhaps be more humane to shoot these children in the temple with slaughter guns and deep-six them in the Rio Grande. Loving and humane sedation is one thing.  Anti-psychotic drugs like Haldol and Zyprexa??????? What is this but a soulless abuse of power by a sick son of a bitch who cannot any longer, if he ever was, be entrusted with the welfare of the people.

It is not out of the question that Trump’s Aryan inner darkness, the unadulterated “hatred of men with black hair” (see The Light Around the Body, Robert Bly), fed and encouraged by Stephen Miller, has led him, under cover of “closing immigration loopholes,” engaging in the sanitizing of language itself to provide cover for his true agenda, to nothing less than genocide– 

“Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.”  

Indeed, a reckoning with a changed America is upon us; we became acquainted with the Trump regime’s dirty little secrets–all 11,000 of them, revelation upon revelation.  We became the unwilling enlightened when we first learned last weekend that Honduran and other Latin American asylum seekers had been surging toward us in the early Spring and that not unlike Hitler musing over his options for a “final solution” to the “problem of the Jews,” utterly created by his own Teutonic narcissism and lust for absolute power, Trump– and to dust off and quote a figure from the Colorado past–Ward Churchill,  “that little Eichmann” Stephen Miller, had devised the unprecedented “deterrent” to illegal immigration of the theft of immigrant infants and young children and their  mass incarceration, swiftly followed, we now know, by the  infliction upon them of mass abandonment crisis.

Less than twenty-four hours after we learned that infants and toddlers were in a chain of facilities in towns constellated around Brownsville, Texas, with the customary flourish of his pen, Trump in an attack of something like magnanimity, as if he had thought of it, when he has been pressured to do it by persons of every stripe far and wide and unto the Pope and when he is devoid of true empathy, issued an executive order to stop separating families.

But the need for continued vigilance is illustrated by how the order,  according to CNN, sounds a troubling knell, as though we have saved one ship going down only to spot another taking in water on the near horizon:

“In a major change, adults will not be turned over to the Justice Department when they face criminal charges, and will instead stay with their children in detention with the Department of Homeland Security. That’s a change the administration previously said it could not do.The order maintains an exception for when the child is at risk or there is concern about the child’s well-being.But there’s a catch, saying the families will be detained “to the extent permitted by law and subject to the availability of appropriations” — again something that remains to be worked out.”

Consider that several days ago, Trump and Sessions curtailed funding to legal aid groups on the border who had been working non stop and pro bono.  Think about the phrase, “the availability of appropriations.”

But above all: why have we the people been kept in the dark–why have U.S. congressmen been denied access and why will it take a court order from on high to see what they don’t want us to see, they who have been retained by DHS and INS to manage the children.

IS IT BECAUSE WE WILL SEE SEDATED CHILDREN DROOLING AND SHUFFLING FROM POINT A TO B  ON HALDOL AND OTHER ANTIPSYCHOTICS?  WILL THE TRUTH OF WHAT HAS BEEN DONE, A POGROM INITIATED BY DONALD TRUMP OF IMMIGRANT CHILDREN BECAUSE HE SEES THEM AS CRIMINALS, THEIR PARENTS AS MURDERERS, RAPISTS AND THIEVES BUT ABOVE ALL,  IN TRUE WHITE NATIONALIST FORM, COCKROACHES WE MUST NOT at any price permit to filter into AND “INFEST” the country, let alone assimilate, work in the fields,allow into our colleges as “Dreamers,”  clean houses and all of the things that have been the result of compassionate treatment of asylum seekers for decades: and verboten above all, that they should intermarry and/or breed with us?

How this looks to the people whose eyes and ears are the media, is that now families will inhabit the UFO tents we have seen aerial photos of, or perhaps be caged with their infants for indeterminate time. They may stay well past the deadline of 20 days of the Flores agreement which Trump regards as his nemesis.

Flores was decided to treat immigrant children humanely and provides guideposts for today’s immigration policies.  In that it has led to “catch and release,” it abrogates what Trump wants: the power to punish “illegal aliens” by detention, not safeguarding children but interning them, and shrugging off the rights of adult detainees to a fair and speedy trial before deportation.

Such a law constrains Trump– not because it is flawed or unjust but because Trump, like Herod and other despot emperors, believes his power is absolute and even more egregiously, wants to be able to do something far worse than merely stopping the flow of immigrants into the country.

What does it mean that we know of no plan for the detainees?  What about indefinite detention, in tents with sweltering heat, in dehumanizing conditions fit for what a dictator does to his own people and when he manifests no accountability to the rest of the world?

Shame of shames, this is who and what the man Donald Trump is–and who gave the order to control these children with antipyschotics?  What’s next?  Showers with lethal gas, baskets of tiny personal effects, pulled teeth with gold fillings, shorn human hair in an anteroom?

Is it truly possible that we have this degree of evil incarnate in our midst– because if this is not an effort at ethnic cleansing, of creating a white, sanitized America closed to  contamination by other races, especially these constantly reproducing Catholic refugees, pregnant with more of themselves, what could it be?  If so, then this motherfucker should be run into the bayou and left for alligators and javelinas.  This would be too good and quick a dispatching of the monster we may have in Donald J. Trump with his Rolex, his gold-leafed penthouse, this Frankenstein cobbled together by clever Mr. Putin.

One avenue into these truths about this incomprehensibly cold-hearted poseur is defined not by the image he attempts to project, but by his contempt for the rule of law.

Consider that the election of a President involves an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, which in turn sets forth the right of due process.

In reality, in our representative government in which we elect our leaders, all policies affecting and regulating human endeavor should proceed from it–from the humane and compassionate administration of laws.. 

Just as the duty to govern fairly is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, justified on the catalogue of the abuses by King George III, it is the tenor of the Constitution, the framework of laws that are meant to protect us all from tyranny, to uphold our civil rights and to insure the right of all, including those crossing our borders, to due process and equal treatment.

But Trump used the Flores Decision to justify brutally tearing apart mothers and children.  We now know that the 2000 children, many of them infants, currently in DHS custody, were summarily torn away– not as in mandated in the 90’s by Flores to be kept safe, warm and fed, but to be incarcerated like beasts.

We still don’t know where some of the infants are, nor except for seeing some girls led in the night to glorified flop houses in Manhattan, what the Administration more properly called a regime has done with the  girls and what it intends to do to reunite the children it imprisoned into cages with mats in them and mylar blankets, where, vacant-eyed, tear-stained, badly in need of a mother’s arms, her voice, her very breasts, they languish hour on hour.

Again, Trump doesn’t want to be constrained by the rule of law.  He is not mature enough, nor does he have the integrity to engage in stewardship of the refugee he and those of his ilk call “illegal aliens.”

We have a man who has been for months hiding his persecution of those he views as criminals, insects, rapists and murderers.

Certainly such attitudes and their consequences, as ever more obvious reasons for violating the 1st Amendment–the freedom of the press to act on behalf of us all, to be about the business of truth telling,–are collectively a very bad sign.

Yesterday I listed Trump’s “usurpations” of our trust. I set forth our right to remove this man from power if Congress refuses to act.

I understand how reluctant most of us are to look steadily at the man who would be king, who yesterday tweeted that to catch and release will release cockroach criminal elements into our country, those he regards as the dregs of humanity.   But look we must. Where are the rest?  And who will rise up?

For this crisis has about it the homely degrading into infamy of a gilded coin losing its luster, a rot showing through foliage that is the inception of the end of all gardens and the arising of the Fall, rain or shine.