Steve Bannon, as WH “Chief Strategist,”  was nothing less than Donald Trump’s testicles.  His role according to various sources was to bring the manically distraction-prone President back to the racism and xenophobia at the heart of the campaign platform.  Bannon out the door leaves Trump alone with someone who may well turn out to be his nemesis and Judas, Gen. John Kelly.

What is Trump going to do, milling around the White House now, checks and balances and Mueller investigation closing in?  Is it Golden Shower time? Is he going to bring in seven Russian whores to dance on the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom-– as the infamous Christopher Hill dossier alleges took place while under Russian videotape scrutiny in the Moscow Ritz Carlton?

Rumor has it, according to Kristin Welker speaking with Brian Williams on the 11th Hour tonight,  that on Kelly’s radar and next out the door are that Adams family style perverted patriarch Simon Gorka and peevish little wind-up boy-puppet Stephen Miller, whose ego precedes him into every room like copious airborne fake vomit.

Black people, pressed to consider how to respond to this weekend’s white supremacist so very American family-oriented, torch-wielding events nationwide over the removal of Confederate monuments, believe it is urgent and necessary to speak out and put themselves on the line and in the sights of the mass delusional collection of 2nd Amendment-abusing wack-jobs coming out from the chinks in the molding of every ante-bellum heap still standing in the deep South.

There are times to put yourself on the line and times to stand down and let the police, the Mayors, the Governors and the National Guard do their jobs.  I say, make your points, raise your voice but stay indoors.  Do not take on armed Deliverance-style Nazi sodomites.  Take a lesson from the death of Heather Heyer.

Donald Trump won’t be leading the charge against these morons; he’ll be bunkered up in the White House where he doesn’t belong.

The other people whose testicles have dropped through the floor populate Congress and include the Vice President, whose suck-upiness is unparalleled.

I say this because Clause 4 of the 25th Amendment of our Constitution is a crucial provision I’ve only heard one other person mention that could be put in play stat.  Clause 4 Amendment 25 says that an unfit president may be removed from office, via an ever democratic process involving probable cause, a chance to be proven wrong, followed by reinstatement of the removal. Despite sparse nay-saying on this option, it is subject to broad interpretation and certainly could be put into play if the Veep would only grow a pair himself.

If you are ready to see the faux spineless idiot we have for a President and his oddball family trudge out of the White House toward a waiting helicopter, if you are ready for the pageantry of wholesale infamy dispossesed, all Trump dynasty shadiness exposed,  a satisfying coup d’etat of restoration of balance and inclusiveness throughout the Republic, give me a Sieg Heil.