It is because of the facts and that to me the Christopher Steele  dossier is credible on its face, that I must announce that the United States of America is a victim of a coup and that actually, it is Vladimir Putin who has Trump and his people by the short hairs and therefore, that it is Russia who has infiltrated the Executive Branch and has access to all of our Intel as of yesterday.

I have stated in my pieces since the election that I have found Christopher Steele’s dossier on Trump and Russia immensely credible.  Mainstream media have shamefully neglected the powerful and powerfully distressing story it tells.  The only people with the chutzpah to post the thing have worked for Buzzfeed.

Unbelievably, today, pundits on MSNBC are suggesting that Donald Trump needs to be able to trust our intelligence people and shame on Julian Assange for hacking CIA.  The cable networks and newspapers have also reported on the roll out of Trump Care and today, an ostensible infrastructure package.

Who saw The Donald’s Cheshire Cat grin when asked to comment on CIA dump today? Around all of this mounting suspicion on too few people’s part—bravo to Maddow and David Corn and the few brave souls digging from WaPo, NYT and Politico, that the MI6 dossier has the ring of truth.

Forget speculation—first, facts.  Surveillance leaked to the press—facts—lies told to Pence by Flynn,  meetings of all the principal characters in the drama with the Russian ambassador, removal of the Ukrainian plank of the GOP platform; Manafort and protégé working at the Sanctions,  the Sessions recusal—these things all certainly come off as facts.

Appointment of Rex Tillerson to State, Tillerson firing the first tier of longterm state department of personnel, that the Russians hacked the election in the first place, –that Donald Jr met with Russians in Paris during the campaign—all of these facts are like garbage when it begins to age.  The odor is rank because the bin is full of rotting meat.

To this I add reporting tonight that Nigel Farrage has taken to hanging out w/ Trump; that Farage was seen going into Ecuadorian Embassy, London.  I see the worst quid pro quo suggested here: that Donald Trump is using the presidency and by extension, all of us as his front for collusion with Putin with nefarious objectives.  I wonder if Trump got fed up around his contention that Obama ordered the Wikileaks dump, subverting the FBI and CIA by succeed

These things all suggests that there is a President Donald Trump in the White House who has not one iota of concern for the US, not one iota of the ability to govern and make policy. That he is not who he pretends to be.

I am proud of Rachel Maddow for digging up the final piece of the giant puzzle of who actually runs the country, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters for “speaking truth to power.”

Follow the link and you will find in plain view, exactly what has happened and how and why and when.

Here is what it is now safe to assume.  During the Republican Convention, a plan was hatched via a series of visits between and among Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort (former aide d’camp to the Ukrainian Dictator)  Constantine Kalimnik, Carter Page, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and other people on Trump’s payroll, his list of bad actors to reward with cabinet positions and other favors, whose main purpose has been to give the appearance of a legitimate cabinet but whose actual job is to protect Putin’s puppet, Donald Trump, who has been both rewarded and blackmailed into the job.

Let’s not forget Mr. Strong and Silent, Rex Tillerson, who before he was named to Secretary of State, awarded with Russia’s friendship medal and worked a gazillion dollar drilling deal with Mr. KGB himself.

The function of the cabinet thus far, is to protect the puppet president.  This is how it works in Banana Republics and fascist regimes.  Everywhere.  Start spelling America Amerika because we are citizens of a puppet state.

Today’s Wikileaks dump is to distract from our only hope of blasting all of these bad actors into obscurity if not prison—the upcoming congressional investigations which will likely be impeded by other bad actors not yet outed by anyone.

Putin at a minimum, is holding Trumps feet to the fire with a “Kompremat”—things that render him vulnerable to not only impeachment but the end of his brand if not his life.

Putin has called Trump “a useful object.”  And indeed, he is.  Putin ‘s quid pro quo not only involved removal of the Russian sanctions imposed by Obama for the Russian hacking of our elections, he wants Trump to “cauterize” the Ukraine and the Republicans mysteriously and abruptly removed the plank of coming to the aide of Ukraine in return for the Russian’s hacking of the election initially to dump Hillary, but then, to install his chief puppet in the WH, allowing Trump  to be able to hold on to his brand, his real estate, his money, his lovely wife and the appearance at least of the esteem of his children.

Vladimir Putin could take Trump down in a heartbeat.  Trump is terrified that he will.  And then, there’s the matter of the video Putin has in a lockbox.   Whores pissing on Trump and more, in the bed in the Moscow Ritz Carlton where the Obamas slept.

Is this farfetched given his sexist bragging on the access Hollywood tape. In reality, the Executive Branch is crawling with Russky Vermin. Impeach the motherfucker, stand up to Russia, and aim the nukes at those assholes.  We need our country and our self-respect back.