Today despite Trump’s “war on the media”, and WH press sec’y Sean Spicer’s effort to deflect questions on the Trump-Russia issue by asserting that there was nothing to investigate, a plethora of fascinating reporting graced our discourse.

David Remnick,  Editor in chief of The New Yorker, rolled out a new and exhaustive piece on Trump and Russia on Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC.  The piece all but authenticates the dossier Comey passed to Trump after the inauguration; that detailed the chain of events that clearly show that Trump has been dirty for some time, including receiving golden showers from prostitutes in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton.

For half of her show Maddow told a fascinating story of how Russian oligarchs hide their money and how Trump has capitalized on the outrageous misfortunes that occasioned his involvement.

Maddow also pointed out today’s confirmation of the Commerce Secretary–a man who has brokered real estate deals between Russian oligarchs and Trump.

There is no going back now; no do-overs. Over the weekend Darell Issa called for a special prosecutor to investigate Trump-Russia connections taking place during the ’16 campaign.  Adam Schiff agrees. A referendum is slated for later today– and despite the remonstration of Darrell Issa.  .

Issa’s concern was also, most recently fueled by how last week Sean Spicer and his staff called individual media outlets asking that they stop covering and/or dilute any further reporting on the issue.

But firm:  “There’s no there there,” per Gertrude Stein.

The notion that Trump is putting into his agency vacancies people who have had questionable and complicated deals with the Putin regime beggars belief.  It is mind-blowing.

It is also disturbing that Friday’s press briefing excluded the media so upsetting to Trump for reporting “lies”–that he boycotted the annual WH Correspondents’ Dinner and held a Governor’s Ball in its stead.

Today he ostensibly worked on health care, literally stepping in it to the extent that he commented, “We had no idea health care would be so complicated.” Everything that Donald Trump is doing at this time in my view, is a smokescreen, in a desperate attempt to divert and dismantle the aforementioned mounting concern over the Russian connection.

Remember that the Russians hacked our election.  Note the cover-ups tendered today by alleged heads of partisan investigative committees.

To echo the words of George W. Bush, who I never imagined quoting, “the (independent) press is integral to a democracy; we need to be held accountable.”

Yes, “we do.”  Yes, Trump does.  As do the aggravated senators and representatives in Congress who want to drop the whole thing  and move on to their agendas.

The New Yorker piece speaks to the mounting credibility of the infamous dossier still posted on Buzzfeed, which details the quid pro quo deal, or one of the deals, implicating Trump as a liar and a traitor.

Still think–anybody?– that there’s no there there?  If you still believe that, give yourself a hard slap to the side of the head.

Read, watch, listen.  Blog into the void, like me.  Be a voice that resists the West Wing calumny of lie upon lie.

We must all do this; our very survival is on the line, not to mention the remnants, in an era where Trump’s ear is apportioned among anarchists Bannon and Miller on the one hand, and the gentle re-directing by his son in law to the fact that Congress has taken the bit in its teeth.  .

‘Till then.  anon.  Je ne c’est quoi.  Perdition.