Trump and his surrogates are currently rebuking CNN, the NYT, WaPo and company for wholesale negative reportage.  They claim that “the media” is failing to cover what he has accomplished, instead offering up a vision of an administration that cannot administer, and escalating chaos.  It is all just as if a pack of wild dogs in heat has been turned loose on the White House lawn.

Certainly Red America agrees that Trump is being mistreated; in solidarity with the culture of bigotry, white supremacy, rage and hate he generates, they bay at the moon. .  Trump is feeding this pathogen plenty of red meat–that the CIA is leaking to the press, at the same time denying his missteps, tweets, profoundly distressing and inappropriate bluster–that he can’t find a new national security adviser– and most recently, that he held a campaign style rally in Florida to get a fix of adulation from a host of people who seem to be blinded by the sheen of his very hair.

It is now patently, abundantly clear to most Americans, that Donald Trump is not equal to the task set before him.  Pundits, viewing the debacle of his roll-out of an immigration band two weeks ago and the East Room press conference several days ago, have begun to use adjectives to describe him such as “unhinged.”

Many of us caught Trump’s thin skin early in the campaign, when he tweeted at the Khans. Since then his need to defend himself by going on the offensive has become legendary.

Several months later, it is apparent that criticism, or the merest suggestion of a misstep, cause this man great distress.  He fixates on crowd size at the inauguration and still says that he won the presidency by an electoral landslide.  Now that there are investigations into whether or not Trump colluded with Russia in the hacking fiasco, and the possibility exists that he could be called to account by Congress or a special prosecutor, he is truly in anguish.  In anguish–and holding the nuclear warhead codes.

Worst of all, and given that his family and closest staff, not to mention that the Congressional majority, are silent in the presence of gaffe upon gaffe, it appears that there is something that Donald Trump appears to be unable to do.  It is something big, necessary, profound.

He is unable to see the connection between his behavior and how it results in the news he can’t stand.  He cannot step outside himself and open himself to the possibility that a report in the NYT is true,  that it is his own behavior that is generating consternation, criticism and panic.

Trump has thick defenses and a massive ego between himself and the unvarnished reality that he has no idea what he is doing.  Every day, he has to arrange a tolerable emotional stasis for himself, insulated in the back of a black SUV with tinted windows, his retinue behind him. To function at all he must furnish a parallel universe in which he is the victim of everyone else in the world, that he does no harm with his tweets and erratic roll-outs of policy made via executive order.

Delusion is not a reliable home for the mind.  This president needs an intervention, stat.  He is becoming more ill by the hour.  And as he degrades, distrust metastasizes over the globe.  It is not inconceivable that by the end of next week, we will all align our payloads, returning to an anticipatory dread and  deep freeze, the Cold War’s twin.  .