Start with the problem that Trump thinks he knows everything and in fact is so smart that he can interpret the Immigration Act on his own terms–as well as the Constitution.

Start too with the irrefutable hemorrhage of policy-making in 140 characters on Twitter.

And add in that he believes he can do exactly as he pleases, that he has no idea of what he is doing, that his lawyers are incompetent, that the Court of Appeals did exactly the right thing in unanimously upholding a stay on the Immigration Ban, that no matter who spins it, it discriminates against Muslims and violates due process rights of those caught between countries.

I was appalled to read how the Alt Right sees yesterday’s unanimous decision, which raps Trump’s knuckles.  Emerging from their decision: the President’s option to say who gets to stay and who has to go must be Constitutionally sound.

The Appellate judges were right and just in their decision, citing precedence for ruling against unlimited executive power going back centuries.

Trump is as frightening for what he doesn’t know, how he lurches around pretending he does, as what he seems to want– to rule our Country and to thumb his nose at the Judiciary and Legislative branches of government.

America is scared of this man because his obsession with his own image, crowd size, how he is parsed by the media all don’t make him look very good.

Trump’s vanity will be his downfall.  His conviction that as President he can do as he pleases with no constraint is dead wrong. By their nature, his powers are limited by the Constitution; he cannot violate our founding document on a whim.

Many of us hope that this pattern of self-destruction continues.  What will he do when the Supreme Court finds the ban unconstitutional and raps his knuckles.

Nothing frightens us more than the thought that there is a sleep deprived control freak in the White House disparaging judges and otherwise hating and picking fights with people when things don’t go his way.

He’s fucking crazy, and far from making us all feel safe, we now feel we must depose him no matter the partisan cost.  The GOP must step up to the plate and get the ball rolling via the 25th Amendment removal from office clause 4.

We are heading over Niagara Falls and someone needs to grow a pair, speak to what is true about Donald Trump: he is Putin’s puppet put into power by Russian hacking.  Breaking today is no surprise: Gen. Flynn discussed the sanctions with Russia put in place by Obama before the election.

People on power trips make heads roll; Lurch, Trumpsky, Herr Trump, is a repulsive imposter who lives in a fantasy world.

Finally, it all adds up to instability, and many of us cannot rest until something is done to set him back on his heels and get his sorry  ass out of office.

Coda:  #Resist.  #Notmypresident .