The US has never before had to deal with an out of control president who daily disparages the law, the media, other countries, federal judges trying to preempt further damage to the Constitution.

We have never had to deal with a President who on the one hand tries to govern with an iron fist and on the other, makes an ass out of himself on Twitter, revealing how impulsive, immature and self-obsessed he is.

We are all reacting to him as if he is merely making bad decisions that can be added to an informal Mein Trumpf, as if he is merely a reckless fool in love with power, carooming through sheafs of executive orders the way most of us go through toilet paper.

But when we step back, we see that his behavior and his “tweets” reveal him as delusional and obsessive.  In two weeks he has manifested no respect for the law, banned all immigrants and visa and green card holders from coming into the U.S., bashing the media that sees him clearly, ordering an unvetted mission resulting in disaster in Yemen, and a host of other unsettling things with terrible consequences.

The question becomes, how and when can we arrive at the concensus that his instability is a threat not only to our own national security, but to our alliances, to those who depend on a consistent and measured U.S., that his notion that “evil” is being imported into the U.S. by all immigrants and that he has the nation on lockdown.

From where I sit, it seems highly likely that Congress will need to rely upon the entire 25th Amendment including the clause stating that a president may be deposed if he cannot do the job…for illness/incapacitation.

Trump has a veneer, a disguise of semi-respectability that he projects some of the time.  And yet, how he rants on Twitter is far more revealing of his state of mind and how he sees the world.

Someone delusional and paranoid, with extreme views, has now surrounded himself with several people who seem to suffer in the same ways.

It is not sane to bait Muslim countries, to upset the Australian prime minister, to fire the acting AG, to obsess about crowds at the Inauguration.

It is not sane to trap thousands of people at airports, to blow kisses to the FBI director, to seat Steve Bannon, similarly impaired, on the NSC, to incessantly “Tweet” in ways that reveal his immaturity and fragility.

Today a senator openly made the suggestion that we have a mentally ill president, citing all of the foregoing things.

This is the only conclusion that fits with where we find ourselves.  Congress has a moral duty and a Constitutional Imperative irrespective of the cost to individual political careers, to get this man out of Office, together with his co-madmen, Bannon and Flynn who are similarly living in paranoia and inciting and delighting our enemies.

Who will step up?  Who is brave enough?