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Amid the deafening roar of country-wide protests for a third night against Donald Trump’s travel ban, explicitly and implicitly a Muslim ban in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution and The Immigration Act, there is also a deafening silence.

That silence is coming from the majority, if not all, of Republicans, most particularly those with the most clout who are highly placed in Congress.  

Few among them have expressed their outrage that a sitting American president would do such a thing as singling out seven predominantly Muslim countries that may or may not have within them training grounds for the remnants of al Quaeda and those whose desire for world-wide religious war against the infidels of the West is off the scale.

In reality, the last few terror attacks on American soil have been carried out by radicalized foreign-born nationals, the type who succumb to charismatic Imams and get drunk on their own skewed perception of the dictates of Islam.  No need to keep them out; they’re here.

Far from protecting “America,” a word so freely tossed about by Trump and his co-conspirators, the ban has alienated our allies, brought thousands into the streets, endangered Americans and Iraquis fighting side by side to beat back Isis in Iraq, and is inherently a Muslim ban as proven in a classic Giuliani moment– even carrying a clause that Christian refugees would be allowed in on a case by case basis. In a matter of a weekend, he has tarnished our reputation around the world,  stranding good people from all over, acting like no one as much as Hitler.

What will it take for Congress to grow some unilateral balls,  condemn Trump’s racist executive order, his pathological skewed logic, his seeming lack of reason, how he has teamed with Steve Bannon, a white nationalist formerly of Breitbart.com,  and today sat him at the National Security  Council’s  table while barring chiefs of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence  from the perpetuity of their tenure on that invaluable committee?

Donald Trump was bitten at some point by rabid dogs; he is both out of control and ruthless when he doesn’t get what he wants, as today’s rolling heads reveal.  He has been a sexual predator and worked in collusion with Putin’s surrogates to swing the election.  He thinks very little of our Constitution and is a pseudo-patriot and con.

Moving with the speed of light,  tonight he fired the sitting Attorney General for not enforcing his EO’s, and went on to take down the Director of ICE, putting someone into the driver’s seat there as a designated “removal specialist.”

This, dear friends, is how it began in Germany.  One man buffaloing his way into power, playing on the vulnerabilities of a demoralized nation after WWI,  and then the calculated, systematic persecution and “removal” of the Jews.

It is my fervent hope that this juggernaut tarring Donald Trump’s Luciferian wings,   will lead to his removal from Office.

Precisely because he is so good at bullying and scamming his way into a flagrant abuse of power, Congress needs to deploy every relevant clause in U.S. Constitution and other laws to make the case for Trump’s engagement in high crimes and misdemeanors culminating in this ill-advised, unlawful and tyrannical set of executive orders.   His staffers may believe he is good-hearted, acting for the good of the country; however, they seem to be too close, too power-crazed, to see that he is all smoke and mirrors and out of control.

In truth, we have a rabid dog in the White House. We have the worst and most fundamentally unfit, mentally and emotionally deranged president of all time. In fact, we have two rabid dogs, even three such pathetic and dangerous animals, aided and abetted by the smarmy little Eichmann-like aide d’camp Stephen Miller, who thinks “extreme vetting” is asking people at the border or at Customs if they love America.

What, generally, is the fate of fascists and rabid dogs?

If Congress continues to mute itself in cowardice, a well-timed Resistance bullet works for me.