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It’s beyond difficult to see how anyone with a modicum of self-respect could remain on Trump’s team or in his cabinet a this point.  His penchant for daily revealing his thin skin and the sheer inadvisability of all this self-revelation countermands any single virtue he might reveal as the next US president, boding ill for his behavior across the board, and surely disrupting the team’s confidence in their CEO.

For some time the most significant issue involved in his tweeting has been the conviction that every time anyone mentions that Putin hacked the election to tip the scales for Trump, he “tweets” that his election was not furthered by the hack of Podesta e-mails et al. His need to do this is only slightly inhibited by last Friday’s meeting with Clapper, Comey and crew.  Trump believes that every time pundits raise this issue, it is to cloud the win he has referred to as a “landslide.” (His electoral win was the 40th largest in history i.e., no landslide here. And, Jake Tapper on CNN pointed out to him that his electoral margin amounted to around 100,000 votes, as opposed to Clinton’s landslide of nearly 3 million in the popular vote.)

These facts alone are the insignia of dark times.  Trump feels the need to fight back every time Putin’s involvement is mentioned.  But in reality–reality being a rarified ether where he does not live– we saw Trump gladly benefiting from the hack– in any number of stump speeches, reading from from  the Podesta e-mails.  He read one aloud  in which the Clinton campaign manager expressed doubts about HRC’s judgment.  He also quoted from other e-mails which, one assumes, were printed out for him from Wikileaks online or obtained from some go-between under cover of the dark.

While no one can yet point to one transaction between Russia and Trump that shouts “collusion!”, is not the presence of the interaction of the two enough to give us all pause?

The point is that there is an intersection of Trump and the Russians that  we the public are not privy to, but that we can see with sound deduction and inference.  Perhaps the documents were retrieved from Assange and brought by a Putin envoy– perhaps in that trip that his son Donald J. Jr made to Paris in October to discuss potential Russian-American cooperation in Syria,  according to the WSJ, — the hacked e-mails were provided to him then.

In any event, Trump does not seem to remember or realize that he himself took advantage of the e-mails to get himself elected– using them to discredit “crooked Hillary” and to rousing chants of “Lock her up.”

In this respect he was indeed hand in hand with Putin, an encourager of the hacks, something tantamount to treason.

What malignant combination of ego and stupidity drives this man? If any Democrat had been receptive to using material obtained at Putin’s order in an effort to become the US President, what do we suppose the Republicans would have done?  Imagine the hue and cry, the calls to impeach.

I have in fact,  been baffled by the congressional ennui of the past few weeks as Trump commits gaffe upon gaffe and is now making an end run around the confirmation process; the ethics people are complaining that they lack financial disclosure statements.  On this matter, Trump is silent.  Nearly every one of his appointees is controversial, a jolt to propriety in the eyes of many in Congress.

But who, among the Republican majority now across the boards–Senate, House and Administration, has the will to stand up and call a thing what it is?

Who will call out Donald Trump for posing a threat to national security with his tweets–and who in either chamber will indict him for collusion with Putin during the campaign?.

Breaking this morning: news that Kim Jong Un would like to get to know Trump better, put forward even as Un spoke pridefully of his long-range capabilities. Am I off the beam that this seems unseemly and unwise?

This connection, that also in October Trump made his infamous statement that he hoped that Russia would find HRC’s missing emails, is again, hidden in plain sight.  It is maddening to see it and to realize that the GOP Majority will not want to undermine their majority by proclaiming the truth, pointing to “The Donald,” and shucking him of the veneer that cloaks his true identity as Joker in Residence, Emperor sans clothes– that far from belonging in the Oval Office, the behemoth so visibly and richly incompetent, unstable, amoral, unethical and treasonous, rather than being sworn in to a great fanfare on 1-21– should be unceremoniously given the boot before he puts the world in crisis, irreparably fractures our democracy, and causes any given adversary to launch a war-head bearing missile our way.