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Despite his team’s effort to portray Donald Trump as a president elect we can believe in, he evidently cannot be reined in on his schoolboy “tweeting.”

That he cannot control his impulses to weigh in on things that should not yet concern him,  that he irresponsibly and recklessly has sounded off on a new escalation of nuclear weapons, that he has made shaky and indeterminate relationships with Putin and Netanyahu, he has done done something that we must all pay attention to:

Trump is revealing who and what he is in real time: an overgrown child and a liability for the nation, including posing threats to our national security in arousing the concern of the rest of the world..

Trump evidently does not discuss his tweets with the campaign people who are desperately trying to reinvent him as President-Elect and imbue his image with credibility.  He forces those he has hired to explain him–ad nauseam.  Watch it unfold on CNN, on MSNBC and there is no denying the alarm and anger of the most prescient among us, who can see him quite objectively, as follows:


Donald Joker Trump

Let me restate our dilemma. If the weight and force of multiple American voices expressing disgust with him doesn’t make him drop this behavior, it will be up to the most sane of his appointees and to Congress, to begin to respond to the reality that Trump is unfit to govern, that he is a danger to national security and could easily initiate a world-wide crisis. His Twitter feed contains enough evidence of his irresponsible nature.  

I am skeptical that a manchild able to pull off real estate deals but without the ability to see himself clearly, to see the inappropriateness and recklessness of his use of social media, is at all fit to be installed in the Oval Office and to remain there.

He has filled me with the terrifying imagery of the Batman construct, specifically, that even before he is sworn in, he puts his own ill-conceived notions out for the world to see, on a mad tear, like the Joker.

I believe that he manipulated entire states with his rhetoric and that we may now see him as he is–charlatan and poseur, proclaiming hurt feelings at the slightest criticism.

We do not need the Joker at the helm.  We need someone of vision who helps us feel safe in an unpredictable world.  By every Constitutional caveat and provision, he is unfit to be president.

I call on all of us to write to our representatives calling for this man’s impeachment.  We are on the brink of a bankruptcy of hope and we need a leader we can lean on in the assurance that he or she is a strong, capable mature person who does not have diarrhea of the mouth and cannot be controlled by his handlers.