For the past week something the Obama Administration knew well before the 2016 Election–that Wikileaks e-mails provided by Russia, overseen by Putin, were strategically leaked during the campaign and election– has been the preoccupation of every news outlet and tv station.

The story incrementally blew up until it became widespread, dramatic and worrying– according to the CIA and the FBI, the leaks were masterminded by Putin who had them sent to Julian Assange for the express purpose of throwing the election to Donald Trump.

Into the mix were the Comey letters, the first of which broke Clinton’s stride, stirring the pot of public ambivalence over the story that won’t die–that her private e-mail server could have disclosed state secrets, but didn’t.


The Comey letter and the leaks opened old wounds, and Democrats needed nothing as much as someone– Clinton’s sagacious husband, perhaps?– to quell mounting outrage and remind voters that neither the FBI nor the Attorney General had found it appropriate to indict Clinton for using a private server.


Donald J Trump is constitutionally incapable, it would seem, of taking the high road.  In this instance, rather than stopping his security briefings and obfuscating the facts, he should have summoned the will to do the right thing rather than cover his own ass.

Trump needed to denounce Russia’s interference in our election.  If he were president material he would have been the first to do so.  

But he is a coward.  He is busy worrying about his assets and pretending that divestiture is to have his sons run his worldwide deals.  

He is busy tweeting conspiracy theories designed to throw people off what we suspect– that he has been in collusion with Putin to get himself elected.

Isn’t this rich?  He says he won by a landslide, when Clinton has won the popular vote by nearly 3 million.  


Welcome to the new America, wherein we have a conniving president who is Barack Obama’s opposite, an understudy for a real president who understands when to shut up, and when to talk.

Because of all the bullshit and shenanigans, his immaturity, mood swings, power trip and paranoia, his “win’ is tainted.  Those close to him are tainted by association; they join the others in the latest nonfiction tome Profiles in Cowardice. .

On Monday the Electors will likely fall for it; their balls will drop off and they will lose their nerve, despite all imploring by brave individual Americans who are aghast at how democracy has been no match for the cunning triumvirate of Comey, Putin, Trump himself.

And what will we then do, my fellow Americans?  Join the diaspora and become wandering Jews with no bedrock, no taproot?  Oh but wait; the Jew picked by Trump as Ambassador to Israel will go over like dead babies in the rubble that was Aleppo..

Shame on all of us for our apathy and playing by the rules, which has always meant the unspoken code of the Three Monkeys– Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil.  Play it safe, and with any luck, you’ll get your rocks off in diamonds.