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By now you’ve all heard it– that it’s definite that the Russians hacked the Podesta e-mails with the express purpose of helping Donald Trump win.

The Russians with their thug leader understand that Trump is the most naive and un-statesmanly person ever to run for president, much less win.  He is the bright and shiny object to their magpies.  He could be useful to them. See also my earlier piece on the Russian connection.

Some of us are fervently praying that Obama’s full report contains so much evidence for the Russian intrusion/invasion that to recover any credibility Congress will need to impeach the dodo bird and send him back to his gold-leaf nest.

We are praying that the Electors will save the country, although it is likely that too many of them will be cowards.

Then we have the two raggedy-andy Flynns– Gen. and gen jr, who put it out there that HRC was running a child sex trafficing ring out of a pizza chain, which nearly got people killed.  What a paragon of integrity you are, Gen. Flynn, loose screws and all.

This is how it is going to go with Duh Donald– one insane decision followed by a semi-sane one.

Those of you who voted for this man believing what came out of his mouth may already have realized that promises are just for campaigns.

There will be no mass deportations, no wall, no pillorying of Hillary– not now.

At any rate, Putin and friends got to the CIA and the CIA got to Comey and Comey dropped the bomb of carefully crafted ambiguity nine days out from the election.  Before that moment, HRC was winning going away in double digits.

Trump is a liar; he saved far fewer jobs at Carrier than he said and in fact, nothing that comes out of his mouth ever comes true.

In fact, it appears that a kind of liars’ leap frog is in progress. It turns out that Comey knew the Russian meddling was true and what it was for and kept quiet.  Mitch McConnell knew and kept the mouth in his third chin sewn up.

I would love to send each of these people a raw fish wrapped in plain brown paper, to make them offers they can’t refuse.  

But I have a feeling that all we have to do is to stand back and watch the sand castle with “Trump” spelled out in seashells be sucked back out to sea.  

What a fucking bozo, and how blind and bland the so-called populist, blue collar white men and women who believed him.  Forgive me, but as an elitist intellectual/intellectual elitist, I have to break it to you that you are naive and misinformed by your conservative radio hosts to a fault.

Mr. Trump, Senor Trump:  there was no mandate for you– you didn’t win. Unless you call dirty back room deals with the Russians winning. You are down in the people’s vote by 2.7 million. It’s just dumb luck you got to 270 before HRC did. Perhaps you should shut up before that fact gets stuck in your craw.