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Since the presidential election thrown by rogue FBI agents and Rudy Giuliani, the corpulent bag of hot air “voted” into power has continued to reveal himself as a walking disaster and a danger to all of us.

Trump has no respect for the U.S. Constitution and the permissions it gives us to speak our minds.  He lacks respect for the actors in the Broadway Play Hamilton, ordering them three different times on Twitter, to apologize to Mike Pence for their impromptu appeal to him to insure that the Trump Administration honor their civil rights.

He complained about the protesters and he condemned SNL for caricaturing him, for the fifth or sixth time, in a tweet-storm.

In other words, he is intent on interfering with our First Amendment right to free speech.

The smartest pundits are saying that Trump’s biggest difficulty will come soon regarding his business entanglements and evident unwillingness to divest himself of them as prescribed by the Constitution.

He has recently met with business leaders from India and Japan, looking for quid pro quo, engaging, before ever being sworn in, in the dirty politics of graft specifically considered impeachable–and not incidentally, the same pay to play influence peddling he laid on Hillary Clinton, including special packages to lure  foreign dignitaries to stay in his new Washington hotel before it bites the dust..

The Alt Right, emboldened by Trump, meeting in Washington last weekend with a myriad of Sieg Hiels for Trump,  has changed its name to the White Nationalist Alt Right and Trump refuses to dump Bannon as his chief strategist.

His lawsuit against Abderdeen, Scotland for installing wind turbines in view of his golf course there has hit a wall; no country will fall into his lock-step, contrary to how big he has become to himself in the mirror.  And don’t talk to him about the people’s desire for renewable energy sources here.

It seems, in fact, that he is helpless before the urge to issue negative commentary on everything remotely connected with him, to stop other nations’ exercise of their sovereignty and in our democracy, however indirect it is, our Constitutional rights to due process.  And, our right to institute impeachment proceedings against him..

Donald Trump may have the smarts to make shady deals, but there is no way he has the ability to be president.  He thinks he is immune to the law of the land, but above all else, his skin is thinner than a preemie baby’s in the NICU and HE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BE PRESIDENTIAL I.E. IGNORING, RISING ABOVE, OPPOSITION RHETORIC. He will implode..

He thinks that it his job to scold his detractors and in fact, everyone with whom he disagrees.  Imagine an international crisis in the Situation Room in the WH, and Trump excusing himself to the men’s room to tweet his opposition to the latest SNL parody.

He and his so-called team and Cabinet are marching toward impeachment as surely as the earth will turn toward the sun in everyone’s country sometime tomorrow.

He is a junk yard dog emboldening white nationalists and it’s time to take him on and boot him out of office–at what point do we take off the Emperor’s clothes to expose the white nationalist that may well be Trump himself?