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Who knew that our beautiful America was for sale this election?

Unbeknownst to educated, articulate and forward looking Americans at first, our country has been for sale to a lot of bitter angry people, many of whom buried their rage in work, addiction, domestic violence.

This demographic includes people like an unhappy woman in her sixties who sells Native American jewelry at gun shows and goes home to take care of her morphine addicted husband.

Imagine her anger at her circumstances, how powerless she feels at the 200 lbs of lard she is carrying on her calcifying bones.

Her retirement isn’t covering it.  And so she’s mad.  Mad that she hasn’t had an orgasm in fifteen years.  She has thoughts of ending his miserable life, and her own.

The country has been for sale to beer-swilling guys who know how to make steel and never finished high school.  Some of them went to Iraq and came back to no one and nothing.

These guys are mad too—they don’t understand a word the refined guy in the White House, whom they privately refer to as a “nigger”says.  They had black comrades at arms but the presidency is an entirely different thing.

And to top it off the mill just gave out notices and the least senior among them has no job.

These are but a sampling of the heretofore invisible class of Americans who feel fucked over by life and screwed by so-called “elitists” in government.  They aren’t introspective and self-honest enough to realize that they are responsible for their own pain and happiness.

But then, as it is an election year, they stop off at a rally where a big guy with a comb-over like a red raccoon, somebody who they hear beat out other Republicans running for president to become the GOP nominee,  is bellowing to a throng of people.

They don’t know it, but this guy is a salesman.  He is the one who is selling America— as the son of German immigrant parents, the America that has let him become a self-made millionaire.

And, he says, he wants to be the president for the real Americans who don’t trust Washington and can’t stand that nigger in the White house, or those kikes in Congress.

This guy points to his achievements, his skyscrapers, his development of the Scottish coastline into golf courses.  His name is in six ft high letters on everything that phallically thrusts itself at the stars.

He starts talking about the people in Washington as crooks, as liars.  He talks especially about the other candidate, a woman, the former Secretary of State, as a criminal–although she’s been investigated ad nauseam and come up without the provisos of malice and intent as set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations to be indicted/charged with anything.

The unhappy woman shows up to one rally, then another, with her redneck sons who chew tobacco and dropped out of college.  She never liked the black guy–never seemed like he was really born in the U.S., and she and her bridge club all feel the same way….

They all know the guy on the stump was a TV reality star, and they aren’t sure they like him, but he somehow speaks the language of the disenfranchised, the people who regard themselves as the victims of the system.  They love it when he gins up their rage at, especially, the other candidate of the other party who they don’t understand and therefore, don’t trust.

They especially like it when he says that everything is rigged, that you can’t trust government.  He assures them he can fix everything, that he is the only one who can.

When he goes on TV to debate the woman candidate, they like his outrageousness.  They all chalk off a tape that comes out about his sexual exploits as “locker room talk,” even though he reveals himself to be a sexual predator who brags that he can grab any woman he wants by the “pussy,” prompting twelve women to come out with groping stories.

They turn a blind eye to what all too few of them begin to suspect he is:  a charlatan, a snake oil salesman, a bag of hot air.

Yet, their ranks swell.  Most of them don’t see the puppeteers behind the big guy.  Some of these are white supremacists who think that America belongs to them, people posing as patriots but who in October of 2016 put on the white sheets and burned down a black church in the South.   This cobbled-together lunatic fringe campaign staff likes being white and  makes no secret of their racism, xenophobia, sexism, and bigotry. The spin doctor for the motley crew is a Barbie Doll, herself a pawn of foul-mouthed men who spouts rhetoric at the drop of a hat, like those carnies who make balloons into dachsunds.

The more public this guy becomes, the more he puts his foot in his mouth.  But by now he has a following of millions of people—whose combined misery and ignorance have persuaded them to believe he can turn their lives around and hand them back America.

They tell reporters they look forward to getting their liberty and freedom back, even though at least half of the people don’t believe liberty and freedom ever left.

For his part, the accidental half-literate candidate begins to draw immense crowds that stoke his ego and put him in a deeper psychosis in which he sees himself as their Messiah. For their part, he is their come to Jesus moment opening the door to some power.

Per Garrison Keillor’s op ed in the WaPo today, it becomes obvious that he is mean-spirited and cruel, saying many things that should disqualify him, but don’t.  Like a Sherman tank, he seems unstoppable.

His female constituents, also among whom are retired whores and hotel maids who can’t get work, defend him.  His blue collar so-called “populist” male constituents think he’s funny.

In the middle of the campaign the FBI director reintroduces an old controversy about how the Sec’y of State used a private server for her e-mails over which Congress made interminable hay.

That’s right; turns out that aided and abetted by the movement now calling itself The Alternative Right, spearheaded by Steve Bannon of Breitbart.Com and ex NYC mayor Rudi Giuliani, rogue FBI agents get their boss to try to flip the election nine days out from the day of balloting.

Up until that point, the ex Secretary of State, a lawyer, mother, grandmother, former First Lady, former Senator, now candidate of the Democratic Party, had a double-digit lead in the polls.

But putting the spotlight on the e-mails, announcing that some 650,000 of them had been “found” on her assistant Huma Abedin’s laptop, gave people who had decided she was a better alternative than the foul-mouthed musk ox ginning up his base at rally after rally, pause.  That her numbers sharply declined in the wake of this “news” is proof positive that it threw the contest to her opponent.

There was a great hue and cry from many people about this treasonous maneuver, so FBI Director James Comey got some software that could scan the laptop for metatags so that he could winnow out the several thousand that had anything to do with the Secretary of State.  Similar software was then programmed to look for duplicates to what the FBI had already under a subpoena issued the preceding year during the first part of the investigation.

Finally, two days before the election, Comey walked back his inferences and stated, there is no there there i.e., nothing was found rising to the level of the criminal.  Meanwhile Fucks News had already dared to announce that an indictment of the Secretary was forthcoming.

Shades of thirties fear-mongering and J. Edgar Hoover.  Worse, in the running of his campaign by the Alternative White Supremacist Right, it became evident to those citizens not voting for the Idiot Child that he would stop at nothing to get elected.

With things winding down, many thousands more of the information-challenged and illiterate people who had always doubted the black man, whose middle name, they were fond of telling one another,  was Hussein ala his Kenyan father, cross over to the big man with the little mind, the salesman promising to bring back outsourced jobs who every night wears a knock-off sail of a suit made in China and a tie from Thailand,  who is auctioning himself and America to them, telling them all the things they want to hear.

He is also terrifying to the people he threatens to deport—11 million Latinos.  He has revealed a hatred of Muslims and thinks they should be shut out of the country. Nobody in his so-called movement thinks these things are bad ideas, but those horrified by everything about this man do are deeply worried.  Latinos resolve to turn out by the thousands but some of us have that sinking feeling that the hatred, the dirty politics of the race, the smear campaign, the relitigation of mistakes and controversies, may have already done irrevocable damage.

On the eve of the election it becomes clear that this amorphous entity of bottom-feeders calling itself a “movement”  is actually an all out rebellion against the very people who know how to run a country.  What they don’t know, because he isn’t going to tell them, is that their dirtball candidate, for all his millions and imbroglios and ongoing investigations into defrauding Americans with his pathetic business university, doesn’t have a fucking clue.  He thinks he can wave his hand and send eleven million people back to Mexico and then have them come back in “the right way.”  He thinks forming an alliance with Vladimir Putin is a good idea.  He says he will repeal Obamacare, the program by which 20 million people have health insurance who didn’t.  In fact, he says, he will make it a mission to eradicate the Obama legacy from the face of the earth.

He has a temper and he can’t take criticism.  He’s already threatened to blow US adversaries up, and to build up our nuclear arsenal again.

The night of the election, many people who love their country, educated, brilliant people who have worked for their shared country for their entire lives, who have promoted the most qualified woman in America for President, watch in terror as this movement votes the shyster into power, having been given the edge by Giuliani and his dirty pool with the pathetic partisan NYC FBI.

You can’t make this shit up, at how many of the people following him seemed bigoted and shallow, like he is, showing up at his “movement” rallies decked out in swastikas.  People who attack the lugenpresse i.e. the lying press.

The deal has been made and the United States of America, Lady Liberty, has been sold down the river.  The wonderful woman who would have been the first woman president and was  secretary of state retires to the country with her family.  The intelligent people understand clearly that she is the victim of a scam.

The beautiful country has been sold to the highest bidder, to the wanna be, for whom the presidency was prime real estate.  The half-witted white people of his shit-perfumed movement have helped him sell it to himself, installed him as the CEO, clueless, classless, no users’ manual provided.

The victorious hoist their glasses, and no one sees that it has begun to rain and rain, as integrity and hope are taken off life support.

If I had an American flag I would fly it half mast, and apologize before every grave at Arlington.