The assault on the American sensibility by Donald Trump seems limitless to this writer, all the way through to Election Eve.

It has been impossible to keep up with them all, or to bother to take on the ineluctable spin of Kelly Anne Connor, whose latest assertion is that the Clinton campaign is following them around in desperation.


I heard today that he is considering Gingrich for Secy of State, Giuliani for Attorney General, and the off the rails General Flynn as Secy of Defense.

Oh Good.  Talk about rowing backward, into ancient muddy water.

But there are three things Trump has done that really bother me.

The first, for some time, has been his stated intention to deport 11 million alleged “illegal aliens” without regard for their families.  Enacting this idea would have turned the US into a police state harking back to the rise of the Third Reich.

Characterizing Latinos as murderers and rapists has had quite the effect. This, as is very evident from the fact that over 144,000 new Latino voters are expected to turn out in Florida, will cost this behemoth the election.

The second thing that has concerned and frightened me as it should all of us, is that the campaign has been run by Breitbart.Com and its merry band of wack-jobs and  how it has brought the most negative riff raff of our society out into the open– how many white supremicists make up Trump’s “movement.”

This movement stinks to high heaven, with racist, misogynistic, zenophobic rhetoric.  Two days ago someone holding a Republicans Against Trump sign who came to voice his opposition to all of this, was nearly trampled to death in front of the stage as Trump was hustled away by his SS detail.

It feels like millions of Trump supporters will take to the streets when Clinton wins, that there will be riots and turmoil and unprecedented levels of fury wherever it can take hold.

This is on Trump, who has inflamed and amped up the rhetoric, inciting his followers to riot and even calling on those hardcore Second Amendment folks “to do something if Clinton wins.”

This is beyond criminal mischief and when Trump calls Hillary Clinton a criminal, he is forgetting to look in the mirror at himself and how the fallout from his Hitleresque exhortations could lead to martial law.

That Donald Trump as embittered loser will be setting the example for all of those who think he is their answer is pathetic.  It will be nearly as un-American as it gets.

But the lack of tolerance, the hate-speech, the incessant unsubstantiated claim that the election is again rigged after Clinton was cleared by Comey yesterday, is only part of the equation that reveals the entire Trumpian imbroglio to be mud-wrestling on a massive scale.

We now know that Rudi Giuliani knew of the NYC FBI’s affiliation with Trump and their anger at James Comey for not bringing an indictment against Clinton this summer and their plan to leak that new e-mails had been “found” read planted, on the Abiden computer. .

We now know that a cadre of rogue agents who hailed King Baby Trump as their Messiah had in their possession Breitbart Alt Right propaganda, with its call to treasonous acts.

Trump hasn’t accepted the findings of the FBI’s latest look at the Clinton server/e-mail issues.  He evidently doesn’t know that there are computer programs that look for key words, i.e. metatags, so that sifting through 650,000 e-mails for the ones to and from the Clinton server certainly can be done in short order, or that as everyone suggested, as Abedin received e-mails from Clinton to be printed out–her preference–many of them were duplicates of documents long since reviewed.

He continues to rant and rave like a silver-backed Gorilla, in a display of buffoonery we have never seen from a serious candidate.

People supporting this douche bag, you are now part of the problem. In about 48 hours it will become apparent that all of you were wrong and that sane Americans saw to it that we picked the right woman for the job.

What a relief it will be to see this narcissistic piece of shit melt back into the underbrush as if he had never crawled out of it.  Should we put out a call for those so inclined to go on a bow-hunting expedition?

But that would be climbing in bed with them, who have become the Other, a hotbed of Timothy McVeigh copycats, sore losers spouting Christian rhetoric while oiling their guns.