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The 2016 Prex campaign of the past twenty-four hours has become freak show morphed into soap opera and from thence, into a cable porn option.

You’ve all heard about it by now; the video plucked from Hollywood archives , sent to the WaPo, in turn forwarded to Everyone.

Fall-out so far; Utah Governor and company get a divorce and withdraw endorsements.  Ryan condemns but does not call for Trump to step aside. More high profile Republicans are expected to follow suit.  Just now, 4 a.m. on Saturday morning, CNN reports that T. is pugilistic, ready to fight for his candidacy.

I for one am wondering what the women supporting Trump, intending to vote for him, are thinking now.  My old high school friend Nancy, who severed ties with me because of my earlier anti-Trump posts, stating that I “have no respect for the candidate.”

You got that right, Sistah.  How do you feel about your bona fide charlatan now?

Now we see that if and when Trump brings up Bill Clinton’s foolhardy antics with Lewinsky and company on Sunday night’s town hall debate, he will have three fingers pointing back at himself and be a great illustration of the following joke:

“That’s life,” said the egg on the monastery breakfast table. “Out of the frying pan and into the friar.”

Have we ever seen anyone shoot himself in the foot so many times he has no toes left?  Can we now equivocally state that an openly misogynistic and sexist president is the ultimate oxymoron and that no self-respecting woman should vote for him?

Because, how will you justify your vote? Will you say, along with Campaign Barbie Doll Carrie Ann, “Oh, that’s just locker room banter…”, or condone his bullshit with your silence?

Donald Trump, since adolescence, has been nothing but an accidentally rich guy and an inveterate cocksman.  Women are conquests for Donald Trump.  They are notches on his gun.

I think of the ee cumings line, “And how do you like your blue-eyed boy, Mr. Death?”  How do you like this fabricated, shallow, insecure Frankensteinian lump of protoplasm lurching around talking about trying to get Nancy  O’Dell into the rack, boasting that, “when you’re a star, you can have anyone,” even grab them by the groin.

Don’t these inane and disqualifyingly stupid remarks go to character?  Sure, he made them five years ago, but wasn’t he married then and seriously, is five years that long ago?

Trump’s shtick is only funny if you are sitting next to him drunk in a bar–really drunk– and if you’re not a woman.

So now we have the chance to fire this wanna be shyster and his libido, before he gets into the White House and like a Great Dane run amok, begins frenetically humping every potted plant..

Will those who were thinking of him as a viable alternative to the Hillary Clinton of their imaginations, the demonized one, the one they love to hate, have the guts to stand with Democratic women and denounce his limitless lack of judgment, before he is inaugurated, and in a moment when he’s off his meds, wake the sleeping dragon of Kim Jong Un?

For this video shows Kim Jong Un with his “pleasure squad” of young girls recruited to “entertain” the leader.

No doubt Donald Trump could easily be said to have no issues whatsoever with a “pleasure squad” consisting of adolescent girls and might even, ala Dennis Rodman’s “ambassadorship” to North Korea several years ago, think he should pay him a visit; a fellow brother in out of control testosterone who happens to be the most unstable dictator in the world..If Trump is so crazy about Mr. Putin, who is currently killing women and children in Syria, why not befriend the cartoon character Kim Jong Un, calling it diplomacy despite the fact that the country is openly testing warheads with the capability to reach the US.

The point is, that just when you think that we’are all out of crazy where Trump is concerned, something that illuminates his instability, that his mind lives in the gutter, that his animal brain drives the bus, surfaces again.

Right now, the apoplectic coverage is ongoing.  I fear, however, that the outrage will dim and we will let him get away with his self-made man/gotta be me  bullshit once again.

I repeat my call to action.  Women supporting Trump:  grow some backbone and organize, and together call for him to step down as a viable candidate.

Here’s your chance to prove to women who are sure that HRC would be looking out for the interests of the American people and not playing naked leap frog in the Lincoln bedroom, that you are not sleep-walking in the basket of deplorables, the racist blind, deaf and dumb in our country,  who are pathologically incapable of seeing this idiot for what he is and who he must never become for the doom it would spell for our country.