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Yesterday The New York Times broke a fascinating story, actual tax returns signed by Trump and Maples having been mailed to a reporter– that in 1995 Donald Trump, Republican Nominee for President of the United States, reported a loss of nearly 1 billion dollars to the Internal Revenue Service.  The implications:  under various IRS regulations presumably put in place for honest people who undergo catastrophic business failure, TRUMP IS LIKELY TO HAVE BEEN PUT IN THE TAX BRACKET OF SOMEONE WHO DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY ANY FEDERAL TAXES FOR TWENTY YEARS.

So it is that we now have a bright, shiny gold-leaf key to the failure of this idiot to release his tax returns.  So it is that the tormented, mostly insane and inane saga of the Trump Candidacy takes another downward turn that should knock him out of the running– provided, of course, that any members of the merry band of whack-jobs voting for this piece of human drek have sufficient conscience and consciousness to realize that they have been deluded by a shell game in the hands of a shill, a fake, a phony, whose temperament and that of his top two surrogates exceeds– in the cold calculated manipulation of our trust– that of any mob boss, any capo di capi of any era.

Out of the mouths of surrogates Chris the GW Bridge Traffic Jam Scandal Christie and the dementia-ridden Giuliani, has now come a torrent of mansplainin’, calling the revelation proof of The Donald’s genius.

I am beginning to wonder if someone has poisoned the water of the entire Nation.  Say what?  Genius?

Wrap your minds around this image: Mr. Tax Evasion, Mr. Policy Evasion, Mr. the Dangerous Absurdity of Consorting with Putin and Castro, in the Oval Office.  With Hannity, Christie, Giuliani on his transition team.

I know very little about the IRS, having always seen the agency as the enemy of the marginalized.  I have confined my own flirtation with the law to finding ways to stay on SSD until retirement age when it rolled over to regular Social Security, ways to get my student loans discharged, keep my housing, Medicare and Medicaid benefits in force and still come by bits of survival cash here and there.

But you can’t con a con,  and it is past time for you who still plan to vote for Trump to wake up. I hope that those people who turn up for Trump rallies turn out to have consciences, although they probably don’t.  I hope and pray that those for whom a vote for Trump will arise out of the inexplicable “hatred” of Hillary Rodham Clinton will reconsider what a protest vote will do to America.

It will mean that a real estate magnate, not really who he has pretended to be, a  Con, someone with inevitable ties to the East Coast underworld, gets to move into the White House, with the ticking time bomb of his flagrantly disordered personality riding shotgun.

Let’s recap the saga.  First we had the Kahn incident, Trump bloviating that a Muslim wife has to be silent on her needs and opinions in a Muslim Marriage, and Mrs. Khan’s guest editorial in WaPo four months ago.  Then, we had Trump arranging a photo op in Mexico with the least popular Mexican president in years, ostensibly to discuss “the Wall,” the edifice he has promised to erect between the U.S. and Mexico on Mexico’s dime, claiming that Mexico will pay for it although said president stated flatly on Twitter he had said Mexico would do no such thing.

We have had the call to deport 11 million people in an indeterminate manner, which harks to the pogroms of Adolf Hitler, is unconstitutional on its face, and would turn our country into a police state.  We have had recently the call from Mr. Pinocchio Doughboy to re-institute “stop and frisk,” which is the term for racial profiling and which is also unconstitutional.

We have had the rallies, in which every cracker trash bedbug crawls out of the woodwork and shouts “Lock Her Up,” and “Take Her Out.” These are the pathetic constituencies that the liberal media actually calls “populist.”  I like cracker trash bedbugs better– the gun-toting bible thumping meth-manufacturing possum-eating patriarchs of racist entrenchment in the deep South, the NASCAR crowd, the ranks of the illiterate, the under-informed, the people who love to hate, who demonize people they don’t understand, like Barack Obama and Secretary Clinton.

At these rallies, we have had Trump exhorting Russia to “find the 30,000 e-mails” from Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, designated by Clinton’s staff to be of a “personal nature,” and therefore not required to be turned over yet alleged by the Right to have included classified documents missing among the boxes and boxes of communiques delivered to the government earlier this year, relitigating something the DOJ and the FBI’s James Toomey have refrained from turning into further excoriation of the former Secretary of State. And, never fear, we will see the relitigation of Benghazi as well as though Clinton could have sprouted wings and headed a battalion of choppers into the embassy when word didn’t reach her until it was all over and she had been observing orders to cut back on security at the embassies and unhappily doing so.

We have the indisputable facts that prior male secretaries of state also shredded documents and did away with classified communiques before vacating their offices, who have not been subjected to the building lust to lynch the Clintons. It doesn’t occur to the Alt Right that shredding those e-mails and crushing a few cell phones might be necessary to avoid state secrets falling into the wrong hands. It’s called a double standard, yo.

Clinton took Trump down at the first debate.  She came with facts and a strategy; she was prepared.  She turned him into a slack-jawed snorting-hot mess.

He now has sent out new marching orders to his surrogates in re the next debate–to take the 90’s out of mothballs, raise the ghosts of old indiscretions  and use questionably credible sources that claim Clinton conducted a witch hunt of “bimbos” in the White House on a mission to save her marriage from those trolling for her husband. Duh.

We just had the Hoboken train crash into the Hoboken station during rush hour, coming in at 30 mph, ending up crushing people on its route to the platform.  It turns out this train wasn’t equipped with the technology in other commuter trains that would have slowed and stopped it had the engineer been compromised, which he appears to have been.  Now it turns out that the black box recorder was broken too.

What a great metaphor for this out of control mountain of a man and the great lies that he has perpetrated upon us:  that he is not a runaway train, that he has our interests at heart, that he is in any way shape or form fit to be President of the United States.

I am but one voice in the swelling cacophony of those who fear for our country at this, the eleventh hour.  Even so, I implore you to step back from this certifiable idiot and his shell game.  Do not elect him.  He has a criminal mind, and he doesn’t deserve the allegiance of a cockroach, let alone yours.