I imagine that more than a few of you are political animals like me, and you know that I have been blogging the election at http://loquaciouslyyours.com. Today I want to cut to the chase as follows, in the wake of The Donald’s most recent commercial claiming that in offhand remarks Clinton made to donors Friday night she was attacking his entire constituency. This is not true and she has apologized for the generalization. But at this point, to settle the matter, let’s get our facts straight about exactly who thinks this man is a viable candidate for President of the United States. Every Trump voter should be asked how he or she feels about a virtual pogrom against Latinos necessitating the institution of a police state to deport undocumented workers rather than instituting an amnesty program, about their views on homosexuality and the transgendered, about women’s role on the world stage, about whether or not they believe that people of every hue are their equals or not and whether the U.S. Constitution gives every person the right to practice his own religion including American Muslims. Endorsers of the Trump campaign include David Duke, KKK, the Alt Right and its uber- paranoid voices, including the right wing scions of talk radio who have tremendous influence over the “under-informed” and illiterate, and last but never least, Sherrif Joe Arpaio, AZ. I believe that much of the Trump constituency involves off the grid and inherently distrustful tight clans of too closely related people in the deep South who make crystal Meth in their woodsheds, and have a collection of military grade weapons they display on dually gun racks, all the while waving the American flag. Winter’s Bone, Jennifer Lawrence’s breakout Indie film, makes this life, including killing and eating possum and squirrel, picturesque. It is not. There is nothing that is o.k. about earning the vote of those who if they could get away with it, would still be burning down black churches and killing those trying to get out the vote in the South. I recognize my own elitism in describing such people as the chaff of our culture– particularly Southern rural racist cops stoned on power. Why is it that NFL players are taking the knee, raising the iconic fist and otherwise demonstrating solidarity with 49’ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Donald Trump believes in ethnic cleansing. He believes and is on record on talk radio as saying in re the drone program, “We have to take out the families.” Could there be a more xenophobic person running for any elected office: Today’s overused adjective, “deplorable,” is the shyster Donald Trump who has seduced so much of the American Electorate. Please, please. Read Wikipedia pieces for quasi-objective histories of Isis, the issue of transparency; take informed positions. Research this man yourselves. There is no comparison between the GOP “candidate,” and the brilliant Secretary Clinton, who has been focused on social issues and lifting people out of poverty since the 70’s. .