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Caution, foul language, slurs and epithets.

Last night at a fundraiser a very relaxed, possibly wine-loosened Secretary Clinton stated in part, “…this is grossly generalistic, but half of Trump’s supporters are in what I call ‘the basket of deplorables’,…sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, islamophobic, you name it.”  It was a joke, folks.  And it was very funny and spot on.

Today, too late, thanks to information tech and the alacrity with which the distant fart-sensitive noses of every pundit on television had sniffed out and retweeted and begun to parse this statement, she walked back part of it, saying, “I shouldn’t have said “half.”

Honestly, I think that this is the first actual shot across the bow we’ve heard from Clinton, who has born up under being repeatedly called a bigot and a liar by Donald Trump in his rants before his NASCAR-crazed constituents.  He has called her “the founder of Isis” and she has not tossed any thing back at him. He has impugned and slaughtered her reputation to make himself look good to the lowlifes who support him.  High time, Madame Secretary.

This is the same Donald J. Trump who says that Vladimir Putin, thug of the world, arbitrary annexer of Crimea and invader of the Ukraine, murderer of journalists and former KGB tormenter, is a better leader than our beautiful President (obstructed for eight years at the level of criminality by the GOP).

This is the same Trump who says  he’s going to “wing” the debates and the Presidency too, by cherry picking new generals to come up with a campaign to defeat ISIS, calling the current generals under the current Commander in Chief  “rubble, ” presumably because of the fact that, arising out of the shambles of Iraq, well before anyone knew such a movement was coalescing and training and arming itself, pushing hard after our courageous take-out of that vermin Jihadi Osama Bin Laden, we now face a foe that operates on the Q.T. and in cyber-space positioned to inflict terror on humankind all over the world.

Into the basket of deplorables should go Trump himself as viable candidate, who in the Commander in Chief Forum on Wednesday night showed himself to be a superficial dunce unable to change his own underwear without help.  You don’t dare let him loose without a script because he is so fast-talking, unpredictable and armed with the quasi-smarts of running over people to get his way; he is the artful dodger of this campaign. All talk, no plan.

Into the basket of deplorables should also go the liberal and conservative pundits whose passion is announcing Clinton’s off the cuff remark as if it were big news when in fact, Friday night, our real Secretary of State John  Kerry, Viet Nam War vet, former presidential candidate and statesman to the core, brokered a Syrian ceasefire with Russia through legitimate channels; all cable news should be monitoring the holocaust that has been Aleppo and the rest of Syria under thugs Asaad and Putin..

Trump is a beyond an unpredictable loose cannon, most recently stating regarding Iran’s navy baiting of US ships in international waters, “I’d blow them out of there.”

Good, Donald.  Then we will see what North Korea will do, our greatest threat, particularly after this week’s underground test of a warhead, we who value sovereignty, peace and constitutional freedoms.

The truth is,  leaving the idyllic and naive idea of democratic equality aside,  we are a nation of classes.  At the top, as it should be, is the ruling class of the level-headed, liberal read open-minded intelligentsia.  Barack Obama is brilliant, refined and forbearing– and perhaps more so than any president we have ever had, one who has maintained his dignity in all and I mean all situations.

The only place the half-literate class, sometimes referred to too charitably as the working class, can take the fact that Clinton was unwittingly careless in her handling of sensitive information, said critical thinking-challenged millions among us,  lacking the ability to differentiate between a big deal and a high-level mistake, between actual breach of our national security and potential breach of it, has been to conflate her technological naivete to the level of a sin and a cosmic crime.

Clinton was cleared by the FBI and the Attorney General said there was no reason to prosecute her. The AG wasn’t all that worried about the deletion of 33,000 personal e-mails, inlcuding staff destruction of blackberries; Colin Powell did advise her to install a private server for state business; at the time there were no regs on the books that she must use an encrypted system with communiques all with a .gov extension.

Yet she was given a virtual pelvic exam by the government and the issue has been kept alive by the pundits and worst, worst of all, the deservedly underdog dumbed down Right whose candidate this bloviating idiot child Trump is, again, not understanding the nuances involved in distinguishing between a crime and carelessness,  dismissing all the good she did as secretary of state, demonizing her.

Have any of you out there ever been demonized?  Ganged up on by people who absent all the information begin to scapegoat and reject you and gin up hate for you, eventually casting you out, so that you nearly die of pain?

I have.  Many of us know how that feels, to not be understood, viewed negatively and phobically feared because of gossip or that we fought for our integrity, cast out, stoned, labeled.  I know now what to do when something like this happens–how to take care of it, a topic for another day.  But I imagine that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton bear up under a great deal of personal pain over being sold so short by so many people.

The demonizing half-literate class calls her untrustworthy, when not a person among them has one 100th of her brain power and experience in policy-making, diplomacy, and the 11th hour need for action.

At the end of the day, with the election looming, we are facing something terrible and terrifying.  It is that Mr. Dumb-Fuck, the most shady candidate we have ever had, who sidesteps every significant question with “I don’t know” and gets away with it, who flies to Mexico for a photo-op with the Mexican president, whose campaign is run by the former scion of the paranoid All Right’s Breitbart.com, who consorts with dictators, could ever get within 100 miles of the White House. The contemptuous Left has rightly said that when Putin called The Donald a brilliant leader it actually means what the Russians call “a brilliant shiny object”, i.e. someone who can be turned, used. This laughable ginned up alliance Trump touts is as un-American and anti-democracy as any circumstance of anyone who has run for high office.

Looking into Trump’s business dealings reveals that he is a lying, swindling, cheating fucktard and blundering fool who has produced similarly challenged odd children who are his clones.  He is nothing.  Yet, because the Right has so successfully projected a faux Hillary Rodham Clinton and her forty years of public service and her love of country upon the rest of us, he could be sworn in in January.

Then, the basket of deplorables will swell with the white trash that came out of the woodwork like cockroaches and went to the polls for the first time in their lives, in the outrageous braggadocio of those who don’t care what Trump says or does, only that he is not the Hillary Clinton they love to hate, who doesn’t exist at all.

In that grim eventuality, we should all say, shame on you 2nd Amendment paranoid excuses for men and women, with your intellence deficit syndrome, obsession with Uzzis and above all, your unbelievable and unbearable inability to see Donald Trump for the lumbering, shallow, narcissistic master of white collar crime he is. If and when this comes to pass, it will be this country’s darkest day since 9-11, the casualty  America the Beautiful herself. Rise up, get well, keep fighting, Madame Secretary.