Hello to my fellow cyber sojourners.  A brief update–

All is well for us as the earth wakes and our home along Dry Creek, nestled in a thriving poplar stand, begins to fill with light.

I was a finalist for the Autumn House 2014 Poetry Prize, in daunting company.  Since then, my new friend and editor and former publisher of Autumn House, Michael Simms, has taken five of my poems for his new venture, a beautiful journal called Vox Populi.

Finishing Line Press and Leah Maines have accepted my expanded chapbook Boca, Voce, Delirio– Poems of Italy and Amore, for publication next fall.  I am very happy that my “Italiana” have a home.

I have entered a national publication prize, but it’s too early to know the finalist for this extremely worthy and popular contest.

To augment my Social Security and support my civil rights advocacy, I am auctioning hand-painted “heirloom” baby dolls on e-bay.  I have become more adept at painting with acrylics and my customers have been very affirming.

After having all of my upper teeth pulled in a series of extractions last summeer and being without the means to chew many things for months, I am into my second month as a denture-wearer.  I love my new “choppers”  !.

It is daunting to read and see the proliferation of poetry on a national scale; that I was an Autumn House finalist has been highly reassuring.  I now join my fellow men and women in a horse race for the Golden Fleece…a next book.

These days I have many regrets about leaving Minnesota in 1978 and returning to Colorado–especially because this week the Associated Writing Programs conference is underway there.  How I would love to meet Mike Simms and Jessie Lendennie who is considering my work for Salmon Poetry, –she is in Ireland and dear Ethna McKiernan and other friends have had books there.

However, as noted many times since I began this blog, the internet has connected all of us.

On Facebook I have over 500 “friends,” and among these a host of brilliant overachievers in literature and political dialogue.  Through Facebook I have met and engaged with the great Margaret Randall, my former Minnesota cohorts Jim Moore, Patricia Kirkpatrick, Phebe Hansen and others;  the online community has been most supportive and affirming of the work I post there.

I have it in my mind that if I cannot place the book-length ms soon, I may bring it out myself, setting it up under my Orfea Books imprint, via Amazon.

But I am especially thrilled to have forged new friendships with about ten Italian poets including several from Sicily and Calabria, the rest from Tuscany.  Several of these friends have done me the immense favor of translating some of my work into Italian and thanks to an online translator “gadget” I am able to communicate a number of things in Italian, once more.

To my great astonishment, even the beautiful fishing village Scilla I visited in ’73 has its own poet– a wonderful woman who indeed does know of the Strait of Messina’s history and reference in Homer, other ancients, a rich oral tradition enduring to this day!

My husband and I have a low key and beautiful life.  How intimacy and marriage can mold us into better people– to grow.

May your spring be bountiful– all of you are in my thoughts and dreams and are important to me even if I haven’t laid eyes on you for many years.  Jenne’