And so it has come to pass…that 2014 is drawing down.  A lovely evening here with our Martinelli’s and gift-giving–and a break for me, i.e. a delicious store-bought lasagne.  A Judy Garland movie, i.e. Meet Me in St. Louis, replete with sentimentality and its songs…an effort to watch Seven Years in Tibet, which got away from us, so that we dozed through it– preparations for tomorrow.  I am the proud owner of a real diamond ring; I gave Jack a sterling and turquoise ring, and a new pair of Rockport low-key but beautifully made dark brown shoes, and a beautiful wool stadium blanket from an upper Midwest wool mill.  Everything fit and he seemed very happy.

I’m up late because of working away at our dinner– see below. I watched Infidelity, Ingrid Berman and Cary Grant, and then another movie–Ned Kelly-– in the wee hours.  Tomorrow it’s roast turkey with broccoli and hollandaise, homemade rolls, turkey and dressing with gravy…and a nice big piece of banana cream pie.

Now, I hope to be ready for a “lie down,” a bit of a nap, by 6 a.m. I wish everyone a blessed and peaceful end of the year.  May we all, respectively,  rise to the many wondrous occasions and painful but growth-producing moments life has in store for us.  xxxxj