I proudly announce the appearance of my first collection of poetry in thirty years– Blackbirds Dance in the Empire of Love, now available from  Finishing Line Press, Georgetown, Kentucky.

The cover is an exquisite mixed media piece by John Sokol called “Mirage.” The small volume contains roughly fifteen lyric poems taking their imagery from my lifelong love for the Rocky Mountain West.


Blackbirds Dance has its own blog!  And here is a link to my pre-order page at Finishing Line.  If you want to mail in your order, click here for an order form; you can right-click on the form and then  select print.

Of my new collection, the fabulous poet Jim Moore, Invisible Strings, Graywolf Press, writes:

The underlying grace note of this book is love: love of all kinds, for the present body and the lost past, for the wandering surprises in a given moment, for the deep certainties and even deeper questions that both stain and illumine a life in poetry.

And the wonderful poet Samuel Peralta, Sonnets from the Labrador, writes:

“One of the best lyrical poets I have ever had the pleasure to read… If poetry means anything to you, you must have a copy of this book.”

I would be deeply honored by your inclusion of my collection in your library.  jenneandrews2010@gmail.com .