The silence is deafening.

But the Ides of March is upon us, early.

This time it’s not Caesar’s head on a platter; it’s everyone’s in this country.  Everyone has a part to play in the drama that climaxed on March 1.

No “Grand Bargain.”

No savior manifesting from the wilderness or voice intoning from a burning bush.

Only the piteous and pig-eyed Joe Scarborough this morning on NBC, barely concealing his exultation that the Sequester has become a reality.

It is only Ezra Klein’s well-reasoned piece in the WaPo yesterdayWhy Obama Won’t Make a Deal with Republicans-–  that saves me from spitting nails and blogging until I drop. Please take a few minutes to read it and think about it.

Point by point, Klein documents how and when Barack Obama attempted to do the very things that the self-righteous Right claims he has failed to do.  In a masterful piece of argument, he lays blame at Boehner and Mcconnell’s feet.

Liars are offensive and in my view, the Conservatives in Congress, to a man and a woman, are liars when they blame the fiscal Armageddon they have generated on Obama.

In any event, this slow-motion train wreck, projected to derail the economy, cost us over 2 million jobs and shear the top off “entitlements” like housing programs, like the new Options for Long Term Care programs helping our elderly and disabled remain in their homes and oh, so much more, is a deadly reality.

When I was out and about yesterday, finally breaking free of the tentacles of my home to breathe in the early spring air of the fields and get out around people, i.e., the throng of Sunday shoppers in the new King Soopers on the north end of town, you would think that there was no sign of the tsunami of deprivation on its way to every corner of this country.

People were cheerfully tossing the things they like to feed their families into their carts.  Only a few of us are forever locked into scarcity mode, debating between marked down hamburger and overly processed “ham”, wondered who among the bustling personnel helming the Starbuck’s, the Deli Counter, the Sushi Bar, will lose his or her job.

This idiocy, this massive exercise in turning back the clock, was not necessary.  But it would have taken something that never came to pass to blow the Sequester out of the water: the involvement of the American people.

Obama knew this when he went out into the country warning us about this and calling for us to get behind our congressmen and women and put the heat on.

And where have we all been?

If something isn’t done to arrest the domino effect of the spending cuts in time, the American Spring under Obama, the saving of the country from a recession and depression, the turning around of the mess made by two wars and disastrously skewed priorities, will turn to winter.  The green softball diamond I drove past today, with its earnest Little Leaguers and beaming parents, will wither to dust.

How sad that we have collectively permitted this to happen, rather than mustering the energy to fight it, to productively, proactively respond to the insanity of the Tea Party.

What else can we call it, this business of taking a machete to that which needs a scalpel wielded with consummate skill.