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I had every intention of getting this new feature going last week and then something ate the entire weekend and gobbled up the hours since.

It could be that I’ve started upgrading laptops and pc’s and sending them virtually to auction, registering for a USPS account and printing shipping labels.

It could be my encounters with bubble wrap and strapping tape from a wheelchair.

Or that three recently purchased used laptops and pc’s are giving me fits and need to be debugged before I can load them with goodies and re-auction them. That my next to new HP Mini 110  go anywhere even into the Australian bush, with its lauded 2 GB of RAM and 160 GB of memory  keeps giving me a “blue screen of death” after ten minutes and telling me I have a “bad pooler header. ”

That I’m still procrastinating on my teeth but slated for a “panoramic x-ray” on Wednesday as a first step to getting them pulled while I’m under.

Whatever, whatever.

Who cares.  There’s so much going on.

Someone named Billy Lee Dykes is holding a child hostage.  He’s pretending to be nice in calling for food and medicine.  He looks pretty ruthless, like somebody out of a fright movie.

Why can’t we control our white trash?  And yes, I know that phrase offends a lot of people.

But I’ve spent time living in little vintage trailers in mobile home parks belatedly realizing that my immediate neighbors– ten feet away, were having a great time at home on Christmas Day making meth.

I’ve lived for years about half a mile from a truck stop cafe stocked with lonely, horny over-the-road guys and long ago, when much more vulnerable, found myself in the company of exactly the wrong person, the sort of guy who flies the American flag, jokes around on his CB, mispronounces all words over three syllables and who can’t or won’t keep it in his pants.

These guys were borderline white trash, unscrupulous, generally adulterous,  in my frazzled and lonely mind.  Our paths would normally never cross, and all we had in common was desperation to be with another of our kind.

But more, the appellation is deserved in my view by the white male blue collar class when their name is linked to something like the kidnapping of a kid, or to domestic violence, or shooting people.

The Honey Boo Boo family reeks of dysfunction; only inbreeding could have produced that child, and the Mister is an abusive asshole.

And the hoarders, the hillbilly hand-fishers,  the alligator wrestlers and javelin-pig spear hunters– ?– the ubiquitous bounty-hunting Others on cable– all the time.

I try to think inclusively about all of us, no matter our ethnicity, faith, absence of faith  education and table manners.  But as indicated many times on this blog,  I’ve been sickened by the behavior and the rhetoric of the mainly rural and mainly Southern Tea Baggers who keep alluding to the “inviolable” clause of the Second Amendment irrespective of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Heller– that weapons such as those used in all-out war may be regulated. Yes, I know the other meaning of “tea-bagging,” but let’s set that aside.

The fact is that thousands of people have descended to the level of white trash in hiding their obsession with firepower behind Amendment 2.  If they have the inviolable right to bear arms, it justifies ownership of the AR 15 and high-volume clips full of explode-on-impact bullets, even though twenty children have paid for the exercise of this alleged right.

Here is an absolute, evidence-based statement:  If Adam Lanza hadn’t had access to the AR15, if his mother hadn’t had one in the house, evidently not quite computing that she had a mentally ill and aggressive child who might use it to execute her one sunny winter morning, those children would still be alive.  Or most of them.

The people gunned down in the Aurora theatre forty miles from me would still be with us.

And so on.

Gabrielle Giffords herself testified on the Hill last week, along with the father of one of the victims of the Newtown shooting.

This testimony from a brave woman completely stripped of who and how she used to be by a skinhead with an assault rifle, has done nothing so far to stop the Amendment 2 absolutists from running their mouths and trying to figure out how to say the word “inviolable” in the first place.   They’re still proclaiming that apocalyptic government tyranny is upon us in the person of Barack Obama, that we are on the eve of a new Concord and a second shot heard ’round the world. Trash out of the mouths of trash.

So IMHO, those who weren’t moved by Newtown to put down their guns forevermore, who rather than taking responsibility for what happens when people have such guns in their homes and when you can buy one or twenty without a background check at a gun show or online, rationalize and deny, blaming the massacre on everyone and anyone except the poor choices of the gun owner and the availability of the AR 15– these “sheeple” –their coinage– should be viewed as detritus, the smegma of the United States, the used toilet paper of a civil and progressive society.

Those who stand on the graves of dead children asserting that they have the right to own such weapons of murder and torment are bottom-feeders par excellence.  And that is the polite version of what they are.