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There is every reason in the world for Barack Obama to use his executive powers to ban the sale of assault rifles.

If he intends to do that.  We don’t know and yet the Drudge Report, hearing that little aside from Joe Biden yesterday, did a cute little graphic of Obama as Hitler.

Here is what the right to own artillery with high capacity ammunition clips really costs;

Recently, it cost twenty six and seven year-old children.  Here are their faces.  Here are their smiles.  Here are the dreams in their eyes, of Christmas and beyond.

That’s a pretty high price for a toy, is it not? Even for thugs who persist in dressing in camo and taking out animals.

And hunting’s really a fair fight too, isn’t it, Manly Men with guns? Patriots packing?

Currently there are ten pages of purchase links to “Bushmaster” in Google.

When David Gregory asked one of you hunters why you need a gun like the AR15 he said, “Because I didn’t want to have to reload.”

Excuse the hell out of me, but that’s a pretty sick excuse, isn’t it?  It might fly if it came out out of an eight-year old’s mouth, but a grown man’s?

So let’s see if we understand at this point.  There is no reason on earth for any private citizen, not even someone who hunts, to have a weapon designed for war, right?

Not even in a box in the closet, or in a gun case in the living room?

I hear an amen from the sane people.

So what exactly do  you think caused the Newtown Shooting?  Mental Illness?  Video Games?

The cause of the massacre, the mass slaughter of innocents, was that an AR15 was available to the shooter.

That is the sole reason.  It is the only reason. A direct cause and effect relationship.

Those of you so outraged at the prospect of banning these murder weapons are so busy worrying about your precious so-called Second Amendment rights that you are missing the truth.

We can’t legislate mental illness; we can’t keep track of the crazies in our country.

When AR’s were banned in the UK, it ended school shootings.

And the greater truth is this:  you’re sick with self-centeredness,  each and every one of you, if you’re unwilling to give up those guns to save lives.  To save the lives of people sitting in a movie theatre.  To save the lives of people in a shopping mall.

To save the lives of little children in a school.

To save the lives of your own children if you get drunk, whacked out, and angry enough to pick up a gun. Or your wife’s life.  Or your own mother and father’s lives.

How selfish, how juvenile, to jump up and down and flap your wings like crapping barnyard fowl at the very thought  that your toys are being taken away.

Perhaps you have these guns because they extend your stubby little dicks and give you a testosterone surge every time you oil them.  You have them because they make you feel like somebody important, when you’re really just like everybody else.

I support my president, Barack Obama, in doing whatever is necessary to disarm you.

I will support him if he institutes martial law if and when you decide to really kick up more dirt and take to the street.

This is not about some revolution to be freed from a repressive regime.

It’s about how incredibly selfish you are to sing the song of the 2nd Amendment again and again and never a word about how perhaps it’s past time to insure that AR’s and big clips become impossible to obtain because they fall into the wrong hands and innocent people get killed.

But you’re all so paranoid and off the wall nuts, and all about your “Constitutional rights,”  it’s pretty useless to call you out, isn’t it?