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The castrati in the political choir are demanding their balls back.

Yes. The Republicans, who have only themselves and their ineptitude to blame for losing the election to Barack Obama–that they trusted Karl Rove to know what he was doing and made no effort to campaign on a platform instead of lies–have been wailing and gnashing their teeth.

The outrageous behavior of Senator John McCain this week in missing a meeting on Benghazi to hold a press conference, in which he called for Susan Rice’s head for putting out the only Intel available right after the incident, is only one example of the new reality show on the Hill of Conservatives Gone Wild.

How fervently the Right wants something to emerge that helps to build a coffin for Obama.

Here is what we know about Benghazi on the day after the hearing on the Hill featuring the testimony of the mortified ex-General David Petraeus:

Petraeus testified that the CIA was instructed to put forward safe talking points, i.e., information confined to the belief that the protests against the video bashing Islam played a role. He stated during the hearing that he and the CIA had refrained from releasing classified information when Ambassador Rice went on the talk shows; that he personally had believed, as did the President, see Rose Garden statement the day after, there had a been a terrorist action.

In earlier hearings, Charlene Lamb of the State Department has been forthcoming about having been the one to deny the Benghazi Embassy’s call for more troops. She has testified before the Issa committee that she and her staff determined that the “normalization” of relations with Libya, i.e. that the host country should beef up security at the embassy with Libyan personnel rather than more U.S. troops, should continue.

Clearly, this was a bad call and things were far more fragile and unstable than the State Department believed, or the CIA realized.

We know this not only because the Embassy was breached and our people died but because Arwa Damon of CNN found Ambassador Stevens’ journal in a smoldering embassy after the attack and in it, his record of anxiety over an increasing terrorist presence in Libya and that he might be targeted.

Why didn’t Stevens tell this to the State Department himself?

But to make Ambassador Susan Rice the target when she wasn’t involved in the incident is to try to manufacture a bad weather report.

Moreover, as an infinite array of pundits have pointed out, it was Republican members of Congress who slashed the state department budget last summer, so that there was more concern over “resource allocation.”

Rice went on TV with what she had, but also stating that all of the info wasn’t in, as any good stateswoman would.

All of this is about the Republicans having been given a mandate to go home and figure out how to come into the millennium. Now they are frothing at the mouth and in some quarters, calling for their own states’ secession.

And toward the end of the week, a new low even for the bottom feeders of the GOP—robo-calls going out calling for Obama’s impeachment.

Impeachment for what? A cover-up? A cover-up of what?

I can’t think of a single reason to impeach Barack Obama, but I can think of a myriad of reasons the GOP lost the election. Secession from the United States of the multitude of petulant anachronistic former candidates for public office who don’t believe in democracy, i.e., that the American people by a majority voted Obama into a second term, is an excellent idea.