Updated to include FBI agent/whistleblower…xj

Generals Petraeus and Allen:

And here we thought you all were running a war and an intelligence agency!

This stuff is so juicy it makes my labia minora explode.

Yesterday someone on Fox News opined that the evidence of whatever it is Fox News thinks happened has just been “mounting and mounting and mounting…”

And now we learn that Paula “Jezebel” Broadwell was “embedded” with Petraeus in Afghanistan.

I’ll bet she was.

And that General John Allen with evidently too much time on his hands as well, has been coming on to Jill Kelley, the state department liaison and friend of the Petraeus’s to whom Broadwell sent the anonymous e-mails—

So again, here we have the key players:

General David Petraeus, newly former Director of the CIA.
General John Allen, head of CENTCOM and the war in Afghanistan, soon to be newly formered.

Holly Petraeus, wife to David Petraeus– who is reported to be “beyond furious.”
Paula Broadwell, the embedded biographer.
Jill Kelley, a liaison between Cent-com and military families, potentially “embedded” with Allen.

WTF? These are only the prinicples in the newest drama to hit cable TV so far.

Meanwhile, Congress is spitting nonpartisan nails over not being “briefed,” or de-briefed, or both.

Duck the flying double entendres now.

I mean, these guys really need to stop seeing Alice.

In nature, male animals are always at the ready with their sabers drawn. The females of each species know enough to only come into heat every so often.

In power-culture, like government and the military, men seem also to have a drawing-the-saber at the merest sidelong glance problem.

Fellas: women are very smart. We know when we are being devious. We never get close to you without having a motive and a plan.

Many of you, on the other hand, are all dumber than fifty bags of rocks. Many of you can be led through the world by your dicks.

I am so terribly sorry to generalize this way, but my experience backs me up. When I was young and lovely all I had to do was look at someone and it was a done deal.

And, I even had my wily Jezebel moments that I deeply regret. I’ve been betrayed and I will always feel badly for betraying other women.

But seriously speaking, Obama didn’t need this bullshit right out of the gate of his second term.

And we still don’t know why the FBI sat on this info until after the erection strike that, election. Except for telling Eric Cantor??? Of all people? Oh, I get it. The whistle-blowing FBI agent also came on to Jill Kelley in sending her a photo of himself without a shirt on. ? And seems to be a Republican, with enough dirt to throw the election for Romney.

Fortunately for we Democrats, Cantor passed the info on to Mueller, head of the FBI who passed it on to….

The conduct of the Secret Service, the generals improper, and the two flirty, squirty women in this squalid drama is deplorable, and it doesn’t speak to respect for anything, not the country, the President, any vow or oath the classless people involved in this ever spoke or took.