Amanuensis or nemesis?

At 2 a.m. Colorado time, having watched a plethora of pundits opine on the Petraeus resignation and apparent imbroglio, I have a very bad feeling I assume I share with many, a residual prescience from the high-wire tension of the election.

What if Obama knew that the FBI was worried that Petraeus’s biographer-lover’s access of his e-mail had compromised national security OR WORSE, provided the missing link over Benghazi, and didn’t say a word?

What if our security is or was compromised, all merely to make love to an amanuensis, a scribe?

Does every man in a high position in our government have to dip his wick?

I’m wondering about the possibility of the outrageous having happened, i.e. fact always trumps fiction. But here’s a possible angle: how about the affair as cover up for a golden girl with a gilded finger, a political moll on a mission for the Republicans: to retrieve and pass on the CIA director’s e-mails about Benghazi to say Rove, Faux News, for a mean chunka change?

And just in time for some eleventh hour spin to throw the election for Romney?

I mean, isn’t this plausible, given the way the chips began to fall, GOP desperation, what we’ve seen as the Right’s penchant for subterfuge and dissembling… seriously!

I like my version. Perhaps it isn’t too late for NANOWRIMO with this plot, something like a salient one-word title Breached. Or Poached. Or Screwed.

Worse by far: Impeached.

I hear that Obama’s “people” didn’t tell him about the FBI investigation of the girlfriend during the campaign. Really?

We all know what a smart man Barack Obama is. I mean, really?

The latter is a far more concerning scenario. It does seem somewhat likely that someone had to take the fall for Benghazi; perhaps Petraeus’s head would have rolled if he hadn’t resigned.

Yes, having an affair can set up someone who knows the country’s every secret for blackmail.  Watch the House of Representatives take this thing and try for a Hail Mary to undo everything Obama and his team have done.

I thought watching a little Faux News today and tonight wouldn’t hurt me, that I would glean just enough to see what the latest excuse for Romney losing the election is.

But perhaps the Conservative paranoia has the power to pour from the television like smoke and cunningly wrap itself around us.

We will see…signing off with all appendages crossed except for one: the good General’s cock of clay.