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For the record, conservative douche-bags who can’t read and can’t hear and whose eyes lie, Jon Stewart is the one who first used the word “optimal” last night when Obama was on his show.

Never mind it wasn’t exactly appropriate for a comedian to turn pundit and grill the President about the complex picture puzzle of certain aspects of the attack on the Benghazi embassy a month ago, Obama simply used the word Stewart did to imply that nothing about the thing was “optimal”– as in taking issue with the word as he detailed once more the tragic events of a confusing night.

Yet today on Andrea Mitchell Reports Kay Bailey R Texas flapped her porcine chin over the burgeoning notion that there is some kind of cover up in play.

This is such a crass and tired ploy, folks– when you have nothing, cry the beloved conspiracy theory.

Obama once more explained what took place–that information was coming in piece by piece in real time–regarding the GOP’s much vaunted “disingenuousness” of Ambassador Susan Rice appearing on five cable shows stating that there was no evidence at the time to suggest a terrorist attack and more about the video slamming Muhammad.

Disingenuous how? Speaking of disingenuous, let us talk about the craven maneuvers of journalism: we all know that the press, i.e. Arwa Damon of CNN, was embedded in Benghazi and that she found Stevens’ journal and that CNN, against the wishes of the family and in dismissing all security concerns regarding very volatile information, scooped this find on the air. Why didn’t CNN turn the journal over to the State Department? It didn’t belong to Ms. Damon, and it didn’t belong to Anderson Cooper, who made hay with it and was justifiably criticized for his rank opportunism in turning the find into breaking news.

But enough of the word-parsing and reading in and assigning of significance and evidence of a conspiracy where there is none. If Ambassador Rice was trying to get everyone to cool their heels while the FBI got into Benghazi to investigate the attack, it backfired, but how does anyone know that wasn’t her mission. And this is indicative of plot to keep the truth from the American people?

In keeping with the compulsion to parse until a given issue is whittled down to nothing, for much of the week we saw every conservative pundit disputing that Obama called the attack an act of terror, which he came right out and said the morning after the attacks, in the Rose Garden, again a few days later in a clip no one is paying attention to, and as appropriately  corroborated not only by the wonderful Candy Crowley at the debate to get Romney off of it and move the debate along, but by the video itself, the transcript themselves.

Yet Her Highness Megyn Kelley over on Faux News has repeatedly stated that Obama merely alluded to terrorism without calling the attack a terrorist attack. Everyone on that network needs electro-convulsive therapy i.e. shock treatment.

Barack Obama has already said that the buck stops on his desk, that information came out in real time, and that the Administration, save for the talk show tour during a brief time of wholly understandable confusion and the fog of conflicting info, has consistently called this a terrorist attack. He has said he is committed to seeing that justice is served in the matter and as he said at the debate, he went to Andrews Air Force Base to be with the families when the bodies came home.

We already know that the State Department official in charge of embassy security has acknowledged she didn’t step up security in Benghazi because we/they were attempting to replace US personnel with trained Libyans. There are probably a host of security issues regarding saying any more than Obama has said, and the talking heads on the networks think they are entitled to every bit of classified Intel?

And this so-called candidate Romney, this elitist bag of hot air, this walking flatulent bagpipe of faux pas, left feet and inability to engage in the high level critical thinking required to hold any office, let alone the governorship of a state and the presidency of the United States, had the gall to get in Obama’s face like a cockney street thug the other night.

I have to say that I am starting to viscerally hate the conservatives, to fantasize about pulling out Sarah Palin’s pubic hair one by one, to want to eviscerate every truth-twisting merkin on Faux News, to want to run a wheat combine over Rush Limbaugh and reduce his pathetic ass to chaff.

Enough is enough, GOP. Quit talking out your assholes and shut the fuck up.

At this Monday night’s foreign policy debate in Boca Raton, unquestioningly, Mitt Romney will climb into his own coffin and nail it shut by coming at Obama with this week’s insane GOP talking points. He will replay the tape in his head about Benghazi, he will talk cover up, he will say the word “optimal” a hundred and one times and generally make himself look like a dildo in a suit, a china shop bull run amok that needs to be euthanized.

For Barack Obama, that will all be optimal.