It is time to stop giving Islam a pass on its rampant extremism– and time to stop  self-censoring our private and public outrage at those who attack us as well as their own.

In fact, in my view it is time to give up on assisting any Islamic country with anything.  We need to pull our troops out of Afghanistan, stop quibbling over our role in Syria,  let some other country step up to help the Syrian opposition. If the Afghans want reform, let them deal with it.  If they want to find a way to coexist with the Taliban as Karzai has indicated, let them do it.

Where the increasing plethora of vile acts is concerned, it really takes a man  to shoot a fourteen year old girl for her “Western ideas,” as the Taliban has proclaimed. Read about Malala Yousafzai here.

These are people who like to think of themselves as clean and pure, right down to following the personal hygiene dictates of the Koran in cleaning the genitals every other minute with the fingers of the left hand.

Meanwhile the barbarism of the Islamic right hand perpetuates a religion and a way of life that holds women hostage, prevents them from obtaining an education and murders young girls for going to school.  These things should be intolerable to all who practice this religion, and to everyone else in the world.

No one is obligated to advocate freedom of religion for or “protect”   lamb-slaughtering, greasy-bearded, blood-drinking thugs who carve off girls’ clitorises and sew shut their wives’ labia, who marry children and lock them away cut off from their families.

These are people who, if someone satirizes Islam, take to the streets, burn our flag, set cars on fire and otherwise behave like assholes.

And especially where are the Islamic voices to condemn these things, speak out against those who just attacked the embassy in Benghazi, killing our state department personnel– where are the activists in the ranks of Islam whose agenda includes the condemnation of suicide bombings, airplane hijackings, and the 911 attacks?

And where was Libya and its professed mandate, like other “host countries,” and after we saved their asses from Gaddafi, to insure that our embassy in Benghazi was secure?

Moreover,  where are our so-called allies?  France, Canada and the rest? When was the last time anyone put themselves on the line for us?

Muslim thug cleric Anwar Al Awlaki expatriated himself and then forged documents to get into the Engineering School at Colorado State University as a foreign student, before returning to Yemen to mastermind terrorists plots against the U.S., namely to blow up our aircraft.

And we shouldn’t have taken him out?

The Pakistanis knew damn well Bin Laden was living in their midst, and played us to the tune of 6 billion in foreign aid. Yet, they complain about their sovereignty and tell us to our collective faces they didn’t know he was there– and then they put away the doctor who went undercover for us.

And we shouldn’t have gone in to get this piece of human drek?

The right hand, the left hand.  Ruthlessness and calumny are antithetical to the purification of the soul.

I can hear the sanctimonious North American Left get all up and indignant about my statements.  I never said and will never propose that we should occupy other people’s countries, nor do I dispute that in certain respects we have some retaliation coming.

But when Islamic countries don’t step up to enact reforms that insure equality, they are as complicit as their extremists in the stoning to death of women who are alleged to have committed adultery, in the selling off of girls to craven and rapacious “husbands,” and in permitting the perversion of their own teachings to continue.

We don’t have to do this any more, help people who turn around and attack us and as Eldridge Cleaver once said, be a 24 hour ambulance on call to the rest of the world. We hope: segue to the upcoming election and Mitt Romney’s intolerably naive ideas about foreign policy– that we should come down harder on Iran, that we should somehow empower the Syrians to overthrow Assad.

As we now have at least three Mitt Romneys, if he wins, we can expect a fourth to emerge after the campaign who will start two more wars and further inflame the human chaff– the thugs, the suicide bombers, those who binge on rage and want to eliminate us, to whom we have martyred ourselves for far too long.