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I think it’s past time to ask which political party in the United States is the shameful one. And on this one, I vote Republican.

The party’s candidate for president is a chameleon and a liar, willing to lie to the people’s collective face, as we saw on Debate Night One. There is no way his professed tax cuts will be paid for.

There is no way he can create 12 million jobs unless he employs everyone himself. He is not a miracle worker.

He claimed that things have not gotten any better under Obama and that millions of Americans are out of work. Not true.

He claims that all Obama has done is to drive up the deficit, when the added deficit involves Barack Obama’s saving of the country from depression by a host of means, many of which involved saving and creating jobs.

And so on.

Meanwhile, when yesterday’s new job report came out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the numbers finally down below 8 percent five weeks before the election, the Republicans went off the deep end.

Joe Scarborough talked conspiracy on Morning Joe Friday morning. Faux News and the regular talking heads of the GOP talked conspiracy.

Now we can add to the GOP’s shamefully absurd claims and behaviors that somehow the books were cooked.

It hasn’t been enough for the Republicans to stonewall and obstruct everything introduced by Obama’s team. Now they’re ramping up the paranoia and dusting off the original chestnuts and tired ploys.

What are the odds that the GOP will ever take responsibility for the role it has played in keeping the economy in torpor?

The conspiracy theories smack of the same paranoia we have seen for four years from the Tea Party in questioning Obama’s citizenship and his ties to the extreme left– and to the Muslim Brotherhood.

To have any talking points whatsoever the GOP has had to lie, distort and make up facts.

Facts don’t lie, notwithstanding Obama’s having been caught off guard and under-prepared for an aggressive and well-rehearsed Mitt Romney last Wednesday.

No matter how Romney chooses to reinvent himself from debate to debate, from stump to stump, the country has now seen at least three versions of him.

Here is George Will’s purposefully dense and neo-academic lauding of the new Romney and slam at Obama post-debate, chiefly asserting that indeed Obamacare does provide for the infamous “death panels” in which panel members would decide who gets to live and who dies. Will’s point is distracting until you realize that he’s taken out the human factor and painted the worse-case scenario

Why should we trust someone who is clearly so impressionable that he is willing to lie? The whole charade is shameful; we the people deserve better, no matter the party on top. And Republicans need to a man and woman to question their own sanity in making desperation-driven claims.