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John Stewart was absolutely brilliant tonight in his round-up and rough-up of the latest election campaign craziness.

Only if you live under a rock are you unaware that earlier this week an Obama Super PAC ran an ad featuring the testimonial of a steel-worker who lost his job and health insurance during one of Bain Capital’s take-overs and cashings-out.  In that ad he states that his wife kept her ill health to herself for a number of years, he believes, because she knew they didn’t have coverage.  He states that she developed pneumonia and died at the end of a three-week battle against her by then Stage IV cancer.

He openly associated the loss of his job and health insurance with this tragedy, even though at some point in this five year period she had a policy of  her own with bare-bones coverage from a part-time job. The widower closes by saying that he doesn’t think that Romney knows or cares about the consequences of his venture/vulture capitalism.

Certainly the ad is hard-hitting because it makes the impact of Romney’s behavior personal and authentic.

Now the hue and cry over the integrity of this video. The most literal, shallow inflammatory and damaging to the Obama campaign reading of the ad is that it claims that Mitt Romney kills’ people’s wives.

The Right is all too happy to jump on this psychotic horse of skewed interpretation  and run it into the ground, shouting that the ad is a lie.

But seriously, is it? It seems– the personal testimony of someone directly impacted by Romney’s behavior– and feels more like the truth to me.

In my opinion an ad like this that gets in the face of the ludicrous notion that Romney is fit to be President of the United States, and especially after all the bullshit about Barack Obama’s citizenship, and the latest GOP BS that he is calling for new welfare policies that don’t require that people look for work– he never said that, nor are those words in the text of this policy reform– is long, long overdue. If the Romney Campaign wants to stick it to Obama, Obama gets to stick it back.  Particularly if in the sticking, we who support the re-election of Obama are telling the truth.

I for one rejoice when the typically wimpy Democrats get charged up and get into a good slug-fest.

But what an insane and distracting kerfuffle has transpired. Yesterday, Mark Halperin and Michael Steele grilled and insulted Obama re-election surrogate Robert Gibbs on Morning Joe, last evening on AC360 on CNN  Anderson Cooper, verging on partisanship, tried to skewer the marketing head of the Obama Super PAC responsible for the ad.

To compound matters, when she was asked about the ad, Romney’s campaign spokeswoman soiled herself in saying that if this man had lived in Massachusetts he would have had health care under Romney’s plan– at a time when the Romney campaign is desperately trying to sweep Romneycare under the rug so that it can raise hell about the Affordable Care Act, itself modeled on RomneycareAnn Coulter then spit nails on Hannity, demanding Romney’s flak’s resignation and saying that everyone promoting Romney’s candidacy is wasting their time if a “moron” is going to be speaking for the Governor.

It’s never over till it’s over.  The talking-head domino effect is astounding.

On this morning’s Morning Joe Mika Brzezinski jumped into the fray,  calling the pro-Obama ad a lie as if she has a hotline to God himself and Joe Scarborough ragged about it all again.  Also on the program Newt Gingrich was permitted to weigh in ad nauseam,  making his usual self-serving distorted claims and no one, not one of the Dems around the table took him on..

If you missed one iota of this hilarious melodrama, you missed a command performance and American politics at its most hamstrung and farcical.

The reality is this.  Mitt Romney’s priorities have been to accumulate wealth for himself and his friends.  These were his priorities when he was the governor of Massachusetts and they were his m.o. when he allegedly wasn’t involved in daily operations at Bain while he was “saving” the Olympics in Utah– although he’s on record as Bain CEO for all of that time through 2005.

Why would any self-respecting billionaire turn his back for one second on his personal slot machine?

Mitt Romney has been raised in a crystal palace with money to burn in a bizarre religion requiring him to wear long johns with no fly under his suit. He is a slick-haired talking suit, minted by the corporate cookie cutter and it’s not a stretch to say that he seems nearly devoid of personality.  Really and seriously….

Lost in the shuffle was Harry Reid’s contention from the Senate floor  that Romney won’t release his taxes before 2010 because he hadn’t paid any in ten years. Reid cites a “credible source” close to Romney.

Until Romney releases his taxes, we won’t know what the hell the truth is.

Romney doesn’t want to do that.  He doesn’t want to talk about his spiritual beliefs. The American public still has no idea as to who Mitt Romney really is or what he stands for.

We do know that two weeks ago he went over to Europe and humiliated the United States by telling British PM David Cameron he wasn’t sure London was ready for the Olympics.

Everybody watching the Olympics?  Aren’t they superb?

Then he further displayed his brilliance in matters of foreign affairs when he told Netanyahu that Israel was a culturally superior country because Palestine is its neighbor and Palestine isn’t a superior country, in the same paradigm of the U.S. and their culturally impoverished neighbor  Mexico.

WTF?  How many times can you say WTF.

Let me take a page from an unlikely source, Ann Coulter, who Jon Stewart just called a square-headed peg for the preservation of Post-it Notes.  Gotta love satire. If we are stupid enough as a people to vote Mitt Romney into office we deserve to have him as our president, and it will be disastrous.  He lacks vision, empathy and intellectual fire.  He is one tenth the man Barack Obama is.  He has no business running for President of the United States.

I am taking all of this in as a citizen-blogger,   poet, civil rights advocate and activist who single-handedly and routinely  takes on discrimination wherever I find it in my community to wake people up to their responsibilities to the disabled in housing, health care, the courts, education and employment. It doesn’t make me any friends, believe me.  But no one is in any doubt as to where I stand on equality and civil rights.

In other words, I just don’t get apathy when our needs are at critical mass, when we need to make the things wrong with our country right, and have the opportunity to give Obama a second term to keep going in.  He deserves it.  He embodies the American story and he has instilled the American vision in all of his policy making despite the outrageous behavior of the GOP.