I gotta say, I’ve just about had it with the new campaign idiocracy of Mitt Romney and John McCain.

McCain has just furnished us with proof his brain is turning to leather in opining that the White House leaks of information regarding the use of drones to take out terrorists and cyber war on Iran’s nuclear program have been purposeful to make Obama look “strong on national security.”

Jesus Fucking Christ.  Isn’t it enough to make you vomit?  All of these distortions and hijacking of sound bites taken out of context to do what…to further Mitt Romney’s credibility and whether or not he’ll win in November.

I have been defending Barack Obama on this blog since he was elected.  I do not condone leaking information fundamental to our national security and although I think war is the greatest evil humanity perpetrates and perpetuates upon itself, I want to continue to advocate his re-election. But having to be so vigilant around the neocon attack ads and keep up a counter-attack on bullshit is very draining.

It leaves little time and room for the great question of the hour raised by the leaks and by the escalation of CIA drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan.

We can’t afford to lie to ourselves about what is happening here.  Far from being weak in the area of defense, Obama is on the offensive , somehow living with authorizing these strikes.  A few conservatives have now decided to jump on board with the ACLU to champion an investigation into this “illegal war.”

On the one hand, we have Holder ordering special prosecutors to look into the leaks and on the other, many of us see ourselves in an already unreliable boat heading over a waterfall.

The truth is that the drone strikes are killing innocent people, in other people’s countries.  This is not o.k.  This is not moral.  This is not justifiable although it appears that Obama and the CIA have been finding some way to live with it.

I do not pretend to be all that sophisticated in my  understanding of the politics of warfare and of “national security,” which certainly takes on the aura of a euphemism.

But I ask again, why are we giving money to countries that harbor terrorists?  Why isn’t Pakistan deploying its own special forces to dig Al Qaeda out of the villages precisely to hold down and eliminate civilian casualties.  How is it that terrorists, those all about the business of terror in the name of God and who  should be taken out when they plot and execute Jihad against anyone, get hidden away in Yemen?

These are incredibly frightening issues to me. Never mind that reelecting Obama is problematic in the first place.  What makes us think that a second term will not be a repeat of the first in which Republicans make it impossible to initiate and pass  critical reforms and new laws  because they are threatened by a brilliant and articulate black president?

I don’t think Romney has one thing to offer our country.  He makes a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth.  He is willing to lie and lie and lie to get elected.

How will that resolve any of our pressing issues or make anything any better?  I can’t tolerate the thought of five more months of all of it.

Back to the issue of the undeclared war, the murder of innocents.  We can’t do it.  We have to find some other way to protect ourselves.