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In the past 24 hours I’ve heard one lie after another from the Republicans.  Fox News puts out there that none of our problems have improved under Obama, when it simply isn’t true.  It isn’t true that he hasn’t created any jobs.  It isn’t true that unemployment is not  dropping albeit in increments, or that he hasn’t created 3 million new private sector jobs, theoretically because of salvaging the auto industry, the stimulus money, and other initiatives designed to stimulate the economy of the states including especially, infrastructure money.  It isn’t true that gas prices aren’t dropping.

It isn’t true that Obama hates free enterprise.  It’s not true that his foreign policy doctrine is one of appeasement.  It’s not true that he’s not “one of us.”  Whatever that means.  He is not a socialist and a closet Muslim just because his middle name is Hussein. It’s not true that he hasn’t reached out to Republicans in Congress and knocked himself out to get something done. Many times.

The Barack Obama invented by the conservatives is a demonized projection of the real person.

And what an imagination the Conservatives have.  It’s hard to believe that anyone clothed and able to speak still raises the issue of the birth certificate.

It is time and past time for two things to happen: first,  Obama needs to get down and dirty and mean and stop being so nice.  His people need to stand up to the lies.  And, reporters conveying news to the public need to recommit to the truth and when they know that a candidate or his surrogate is lying, call him on it.  Tell the truth about everything– that things are looking up, that Obama has ended one war and is drawing down another, taken out thirty or so terrorists, insured that health care is available to millions of American.  Tell the truth:  the bullshit the conservatives keep cooking up to put Obama out of business is all lies.

The biggest lie spread around by the right is that government spending is out of control and that Obama is the culprit. Many people believe that one because they’ve heard it from what they perceive to be reliable sources.

Here is an interesting article making its way around on Facebook and that Chris Matthews also referenced on Hardball last night– evidently, spending has slowed down under Obama.

Marketwatch is a reputable source and you can cross-check that report by using the link to the CBO.

Regarding putting the other falsehoods to rest, I cannot wait for the debates between Obama and Romney.  The fur will fly.  Obama will finally have a chance to have a face off with his hardly-a-nemesis, this Mormon shoe salesman who denies that he is a corporate raider.

But in case telling the truth is ineffective, perhaps we should fight fire with fire and generate some creative lies of our own:

Mitt Romney had an affair with an eighteen year old former cheerleader who worked in the Massachusett’s governor’s office.  Find someone young and hot to say that on a video and get it to go viral.

Mitt Romney is a polygamist– Ann is only one among a flock of wives. Rig a news article and link it around.

Mitt Romney hires illegals to work in his mansion.  Yes, I think he did!  What happened to that little gem?

Mitt Romney is only running for president to hand out cabinet jobs to his investor pals. Worth repeating like the beat of the drum.

Mitt Romney is a corporate raider who made millions off Bain Capital while costing those employed in Bain’s enterprises their jobs.

Oh wait.  That last one happens to be true.  Let’s go with that one first.  But the sand is trickling through the glass; send your lies about Mitt Romney to me and I’ll promote them.