It’s no news that the conservative Congress has no respect for Barack Obama and accordingly has obstructed and ridiculed everything he’s tried to do since he took office.

Less evident to me is what now appears to be a culture of disrespect among those who work for him.

It’s bad enough that gas prices continue to go up and that depending on whose news you trust,  unemployment is still bad, the debt billowing and astronomical.  But the newly come-to-light  indiscretions of the  General Services Administration and the Secret Service and today, more expensive misbehavior on the part of the troops in Afghanistan, all point to an attitude of contempt for the administration on the part of those within it reminiscent of tomcats pissing  all over the owner’s house.

Barack Obama and his campaign have not needed last week’s revelation of the party-hearty GSA convention in Vegas, with its luxury suites, team-building exercises and mind-reading. Buying the services of a whore I can understand, but mind-reading?   Nor has he needed the blatant contempt for him and disregard for his personal safety of the Secret Service renegades who preceded him in Columbia and got drunk and brought “escorts” to their rooms, refusing then to pay for services rendered at the price quoted, so that the whole miscreant detail was ratted out, putting a huge smile on Darrel Issa’s face.

Last but hardly least: the photos just flashed on CNN tonight of US troops displaying the body parts of the Taliban suicide bombers from this week’s staged attack in Kabul.  This forced Leon Panetta to yet again, after the other gargantuan troop faux pas of urinating on dead Afghans, gunning them down in their homes and burning their holy book, to say “This is not who we are.”

Small comfort and empty words. You can bet that some people around the world might just be coming to the conclusion that these things are indicative of who we are, and that  the conservatives are jubilant tonight.  They will be able to trumpet on their radio stations, through the pig-snouted rant of Limbaugh and company, their hysteria-laced shamefully distorting news sites like Breitbart, Beck and  Faux , that Obama is not in charge and that he is a bad leader as proven by the way in which this embarrassment of bad things has come home to roost.

They will be right to a point.  It will be difficult to argue that the Commander in Chief should not be on top of his own agencies, run as they are with taxpayer money, that his generals should not have their troops in hand, and that those assigned to protect him should not take their very important work seriously and not desecrate the honor and immense responsibility of keeping the President of the United States safe.

What does lie behind these behaviors?  What could it be but contempt for and mistrust of Obama and lack of pride in the country?

What a shame.  I didn’t want to give Mitt Romney, who thus far has been standing in the quicksand of numerous empty allegations against Barack Obama,  any ammunition.  Romney has yet to provide the country with an agenda.  He has yet to demonstrate he knows how to do anything but make money and say stupid things.  As many have pointed out, he panders: he tells various people in various communities what he thinks they want to hear and changes positions as often, presumably, as his statutory LDS underwear.  He lacks the intelligence of Barack Obama, the appeal and vigor of Obama,  and he is utterly devoid of the depth of vision– or any vision– that makes a great president.

It is not one bit consoling that if these scandals impact the Obama campaign, we could look back at the few short days the tide was turned so that we elected yet another ineffectual so-called conservative whose concerns seem not to include health care reform, the poor, women, senior citizens and their “entitlements,”  minorities and their plight and civil rights, who has yet to disclose his taxes or explain his weird religion in the interest of being forthcoming with the American people. God only knows how Romney would fare in dealing with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Israel and Iran, North Korea, China, the debt, jobs, the price of oil and a few other minor issues.  He would be more than over his head and it would be a scary four years.

I want to see Obama step it up and the Congress come back into the hands of the Democrats so we can  achieve a sane momentum in solving our difficulties and getting the hell out of other people’s countries. But we can’t afford four more years of horseplay and certainly not things that make us ashamed, not only of who we are, but inveigh against our first African American president to the deplorable extent that he looks like an idiot.

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