The Trayvon Martin situation continues to baffle, distress and raise many questions.  Last night Piers Morgan locked horns with the lawyers for George Zimmerman, who is claiming he shot Trayvon in the chest point-blank in self-defense.  The lawyers allege that the only things that anyone should be construing as “fact” are the details of the police report.

Of interest to me: the preliminary police report states that Martin was lying dead with “his hands under him.”  In my mind this is consistent with nearly every reasonable person’s interpretation of the other facts of this case, which are indeed facts and indisputable as follows:

We know now that Zimmerman was told to stand down by the 911 dispatcher on the night he called 911 and reported a black male behaving as if “he’s up to something…looks like he’s on drugs or something”…later identifying him as ” black. ”  Zimmerman did not stand down; it is obvious now,  that he pursued Martin.

We know that Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend and said he was being followed, and that she told him to run, get away, which he attempted to do.

We know that Zimmerman, when he was running after Martin, said “They always get away” under his breath, and again under his breath, “Fucking coons.”  Irrespective of the fact that NBC news should not have made edits to the tape they aired on Today this week, there is no mistaking whatsoever, the epithet.  He’s not saying “fucking cold” or fucking goons, as has been alleged; it is all too clear that it was and is, “fucking coons.”

Not Fact, but Hearsay: We know from listening to Zimmerman’s brother on the air, the father on the air and the two lawyers on the air that Zimmerman contends that after he reached Martin, he was attacked by Martin, pushed down to the grass and his head pounded against the cement by Martin, that he allegedly suffered a broken nose and a wound to the head, that he feared for his life and only then, shot him. Thus far, there is no verification that this was the case.  Enhanced video seems to show a shallow gash on the back of Zimmerman’s head but if events had gone the way he said they did, he would still be in an ICU, not, as pictured in the video, walking around able-bodied and oriented. Enter the account of several who saw heard  what they could, looking out into the dark: a man on top of another man, a gunshot and the man on top walking away, the man down, dead.

There are so many red herrings involved in coming to terms with this case.  Irrespective of whether or not Martin went after Zimmerman, Lawrence O’Donnell, Charles Blow and the Martin attorneys have all rightfully contended that Zimmerman was unlawfully armed in his capacity as a volunteer “neighborhood watch captain.” While Zimmerman had a permit to carry his concealed 9mm handgun, once he began operating in his voluntary capacity it became unlawful for him to be armed. 

Enter Florida’s Stand Your Ground law and the issue of whether or not the law applies to either party in this deplorable series of events.  Charles Blow of the New York Times has raised the issue of whether Stand Your Ground would be applicable for the victim.  If Martin was being chased by a stranger in the dark, in the rain, would he not have felt threatened?  Moreover,  The Stand Your Ground Law states that if a person initiates a confrontation the law does not apply to that person.

How is that George Zimmerman did not initiate a confrontation?  Did he not follow Trayvon Martin?  Did he not disregard explicit dispatcher instruction to refrain from doing so?  Trayvon Martin was unarmed.  He was carrying an Arizona brand iced tea and a package of Skittles.  Voice experts have already asserted that the cries for help are not Zimmerman’s.  That leaves only one possibility. The body was found 70 yards from where Zimmerman had parked his SUV.  That leaves one dead victim of a shooting and one shooter who pursued him for 70 yards.

If Trayvon Martin came at Zimmerman in self-defense, not realizing he was wearing a gun and Zimmerman pinned him to the ground after a scuffle and pointed the gun at him and Martin began to scream for his life, all of the facts add up.  They really are facts, despite the defense attorneys’ claim that Zimmerman will be cleared.  None of Zimmerman’s assertions add up…by the light of the facts.

If the Sanford cops had done their job and not caved to the DA and a mysterious agenda on the part of the DA resulting in not charging Zimmerman with negligent homicide as originally recommended by the investigating detective,  there would be no need to parse this case in the public arena.

This has been a bona fide hate crime and the ruthless murder by a vigilante of an unarmed kid; George Zimmerman must be arrested, charged and tried in a court of law.