Sunday night, and my latest attempt at a flan is cooling.  I blended bananas, Greek yogurt, eggs, half and half, honey, and poured this over a bed of butter, sugar and chopped pecans.  Perhaps I’m expecting a guest?

On my mind tonight, Fareed Zakaria’s piece on CNN about socialized medicine and what works in Britain and Switzerland.  Why are Americans so afraid of this?  Someone who lives in Zurich said that there are at least 200 health plans paid for by the government per district!  No waiting and excellent care.

On my mind that the leg is reaching the point where I’ll have to find someone to attempt a fix, aka a “revision” of the failed repair.

That despite my venting about publishing, I won’t stop querying with my manuscript here and there.

That it was good I slammed the door on an interaction with a married man.  That spring is coming.  That Patterson’s mares are in foal again, due in two or three months.  Grateful for my home, my friends, my dog, my gifts.