just watched a few videos of Dr. Keith Ablow, a forensic psychiatrist who seems quite intelligent and wrote a book on the Scott Peterson case, twenty years’ experience with “murderers,” weigh in on Fox on Casey Anthony–these are of interviews done shortly before and after verdict and are posted at the CA site.

Again, I am engaged in the dialogue around this case because I am concerned over the misapprehensions by the public of the behavior of a childhood abuse survivor.

Ablow speculates that CA may be bipolar, that the thirty-one days was a manic episode triggered by the traumatic death of her child.  He also says that George Anthony’s behavior, especially his “suicide attempt,” is inconsistent with how a grandfather would respond to a child’s death.  More speculation about George’s role is in the air.

I guess we all need to stay tuned to Phil McGraw’s interrogation of the Anthony’s on September 12.  In the meantime:  new details from the CA Is Innocent site– the remains were never underwater– indicating that someone other than CA put the remains there– or found them and returned them, i.e. Kronk.  The site has fascinating analyses of chloroform and duct tape issues up.

This saga begs for someone more erudite than I in the writing of mysteries to follow the clues to a reasonable denouement.  I bet there are already takers out there…. check out the vids and see what you think.