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About the Lies

Casey Anthony— consummate liar.  Liar to cover up, stall, buy time, either panicked or guilty– we don’t know.

Jeff Ashton, Prosecutor.

Lied about the chloroform searches– 84 chloroform searches turned out to be 84 my space searches–see below.  Lied about the duct tape being found on the nose and mouth of the skull, see below.

Chloroform went to premeditation and there went Murder One. Duct tape not proven to be murder weapon– end of basis for homicide conviction of any degree.

More Lies

Jan Garavaglia, M.E.

Lied about position of tape– .

Never photographed skull with tape. Therefore no definitive photo of tape with mask of duct tape. see below, one post down.

Never opened skull of tape to determine if there was discoloration around ears consistent with suffocation.

Prosecution  Lies by inference:

Showed photo of child superimposed on skull with duct tape over nose and mouth and implied that he “knew” this was what happened.

Never addressed moving of remains by Kronk.

Roy Kronk

Lied; he either found remains and touched them with steel rod, or they fell out of the bag or both.  Said he never had remains; son refuted, said he did.

George Anthony

Lied about relationship with Crystal Holoway.  Lied about whereabouts of tape; whole roll showed up in TV raw video on table used on posters for search.

Potentially lied about molestation and skewered by Baez.  No lie detector test on molestation issue.

Cindy Anthony

Lied about the shorkies eating bamboo and searching for chlorophyll and chloroform.  Did not disclose that she left pool latter up– lied.

In short, who didn’t lie?  Anyone?

The case closed with mammoth lies by the Prosecution:  We  have proved this murder with our evidence.

What evidence.

No conclusive proof of 84 chloroform searches, no quantified chloroform any where.

Decomp odor can come from wet trash; blow flies/maggots can live in trash

No DNA, no blood, no fingerprints, no trauma to the skull or other remains.

What has been proven is that something terrible happened to Caylee Anthony and someone tried to hide it.

Does this automatically mean murder?  No. Would a murderer bury her child in a favorite blanket?  Would a murderer put heart stickers on duct tape?

The jury couldn’t have convicted on aggravated child abuse leading to death without the thing ramping up automatically to Murder One.

The jury had to look at what had been proven by the evidence.

The first thing proven: everyone but possibly the brother, has lied under oath.

The Medical Examiner, Werner Spitz, Ph.D.,  possibly the leading forensics expert in the world, could not say how this child died.

The jury in the face of the lies was obligated to do something very difficult.  In the utter absence of hard evidence, in the obvious manufacture of evidence on the part of the prosecution as proven by Baez, they had to acquit when perhaps they believed her to be guilty.

For that they get bashed.  For that they get shrews like Nancy Grace screaming on HLN.

The video of Caylee opening the door to the pool, and the leaving up of the ladder point to the possibility of an accidental drowning.  There is no way to know.

My Take:

I think a likely scenario is something like the child left in a sweltering locked car and a distraught panicked mother who in a maelstrom of anguish and denial covered the accident up with partying so that she comes off like a psychopath who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her kid. What about the testimony of the Grief Counselor?

The moral of the story is: don’t lie.

In the late nineties I had a little dog I loved dearly.  He was eighteen.  He was in kidney failure.  I asked a vet to put him down.  She refused– a breach of ethics.

I had some pills and I had successfully euthanized puppies and kittens.  I gave him the pills.  Very unfortunately they strung him out and he was terrified.  I was afraid to tell anyone.  I knew that if I sprayed ether on polyfill and held it to his nose I could put him down.  A vet had shown me how to do this and ether is readily available in various forms.

I was weeping and terrified.  I was terrified of going to jail when I loved my dog.  I put him to sleep, and gave him an Indian burial under the trees along the creek.   Later, in tremendous distress, I confessed to my other vet, who was compassionate and forgiving.

Am I a murderer?  I don’t think so.  Was I a coward?  Perhaps.

In 2007 I took a plea on a misdemeanor after prosecutors and deputies manufactured a case.  I was told to just plead guilty and that’s what I did.

It’s all over now, but I assure you that I hate prosecutors.

Now, if you can come up with a more sensible theory, please let me know.