It’s always good to channel your anger, if you have it,  into something worthwhile.  At the moment I’d like to choke the living shit out of the GOP for trying to strong-arm me out of my rights to Title X health care– specifically, the entitlements for marginalized women who need screenings and ob-gyn services.  It’s the eleventh hour on major issues regarding the Federal budget and you people are stonewalling and costing yourselves the 2012 election.

Boehner and company are attempting to force their agenda to undermine Planned Parenthood on the American people as I write this.  The pigs.  Federal money does not fund abortion.  The fantatical religious right of the land, aka The Tea Party, thinks it has a direct line to God Herself and that angels have told them to repeal Roe v. Wade.

Bull-fucking-shit.  Stop living in a state of delusion, you wack-jobs.  Nobody knows what God is or if God is.  Use your intellects.  But maybe all of you have ADD or something like it.

Meanwhile.  I’m still easily angered by the bullying that was perpetrated upon me on She Writes by the little chippie whore Ke….

Whoops.  I’ll feel better after more coffee.