Here’s something that broke me open like a stale egg just now:

And here’s my response:

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Psalm for a Golden Horse

“Je’ne regrette rien…” Edith Piaf


If I said I regret not I’d be a liar.
Oh, I regret, cher Piaf,  regrette tutte
Assailed, the starlings of my desire
Crackle in the high-armed crown
Of my calcified brain–
We do not sleep
These purposed birds and I
We are vigilant throughout the night
Watching the doorway for an intruder
Wondering about the blood pooling
In our legs
Ashamed of the wearing down bones
Of the mouth, ridged and blackening
I regret all that spoiled honey I ingest
Before I think to eat
That I drag us to the stagnant water
Where herons weep forth
Their prayers for flight

Spent ardor
Shouldn’t be this profane
And you love would not
Or could not break forth
With words, any music
And so we went off once more
In the dark, the dog and I
Where the attentive gelding stands
Scenting or kenning me
He was out in the pens
Charging the light brigade
Under the white moon
Sun-fishing for a rodeo’s big money
But I drove along heavy-hearted
Already,  the past
Its engine booming
Coming from the creek to meet me
Like the snow-cat of Armageddon
Regrettes du jour, regrette tutte
I lisp and limp with them
And he, dazzling would-be stallion
Yearning cheval d’or, runs with me.


Copyright Jenne’ Andrews 2011
All rights deserved…