There is a disgusting amount of rehashing of the Tucson Tragedy on cable.  The voyeurism and feeding frenzy gets to me.

Then I read a post that pried the lid off the whole thing for me and what we are up against in our country by someone struggling to be sane in a sea of insanity– here’s the link.

I have not always been forebearing and loving in my comments about political issues–humanity’s issues– on this blog. I have advocated, however, for the right to feel certain ways about certain things and to express one’s opinions.

America the Beautiful has been morphing into a culture of hate and fear for some time.  We have to keep putting beauty and clarity of thought and compassion– for the woman from Guimas walking across the desert with a baby in her arms, for the rancher gunned down by the drug cartel, for those on all sides of every debate–out there, and make our convictions audible and visible– and we need to prosecute murderers and string them up wherever and whoever they are.