So I’m coming back past Rito feeding the horses at High Country, dodging potholes and eager to see the latest responses to my posting of a really nice poem by a very good woman poet on the group I founded on She Writes of fellow poets.  I had posted the poem with a link to the publication in which it appeared.

There on the thread was a nasty comment by the CEO and editor of the publication contending a copyright violation although I had credited to it.  I was in line with internet fair use laws, and she’s on She Writes in the “other” poetry group.  I wrote to her and told her that if she joined my/our group solely to issue a public reprimand to me– when she could have “friended” me and sent me a polite note on the site, she needed to un-join.

She Writes is a supportive and welcoming site and she should have been honored that I gave her fancy ‘zine free publicity– ditto the poet in question.