Quick notes;  I’ve posted a new poem, my first attempt at a reasonably short epic of sorts,  at La Parola Vivace,  my other blog, where I’m gaining new poetry-loving followers, fellow writers and readers– please do stop by!

Please note that you can click on the cover shot for the upcoming Oil & Water Anthology on the right and access LL-Publications site and info about this worthy project.  My piece “A Bowl of Red” about my father is included!

Frosty here in Colorado this day– three– two– weeks out from Thanksgiving…groan…and a month and three–two– weeks out from Christmas… more groans… it’s just that it all happens so quickly– only last week the leaves fell off the poplars out at the kennel.  We had our first dusting of snow; I pray we do not get slammed just yet.

Out at the Dry Creek place where I’m headed for lunch and a nap, we are placing our seven week old kittens, and tomorrow I’ll lay the first fire in the pellet stove…. Be warm and well!